100  x 8  mm, MG Pure Magnesium Electrode 99.97% Magnesium Rod Stick Bar Anode Pen Pure Magnesium Anode, 1 Polymet


Item Package Quantity:1

  • Als anode or reference electrode to determine Electroplating/of, sectional collections, density
  • Areas of use: Opfer anode, Electric chemicals, Pyro technology
  • Diameter: 8 mm.
  • Length: 100 mm
  • Specifications: Pure Magnesium (mg 99.97%), typical analysis (ppm): 30, approximately 5, Cu 5, FE 30, MN 30, 5 Bracelet, 5 SI 30, SN 5, Zn 5, ZR 5

Bar electrode made from pure magnesium diameter: 8 mm Length: 00 mm Specification: Pure (mg 99.97%) typical analysis (ppm): Al 30, approximately 5, Cu 5, FE 30, MN 30, ni 5, PB 5, Si 30, SN 5, Zn 5, ZR 5 as a anode or reference electrode for electroplating/, Element collections, density and measure the standard electrode mg 99.97 wg. of your spa pack of purity level principally used for experiments in the electronics chemicals (electroplating, of, Ion hiking around electrochemical potentials etc.) All electrodes are cut smooth. For the electricity supply are electrode holder with 4 (UK SELLER), crocodile clips, or contact head for use with tapered or and Flachelekt Roden. Bar electrodes with diameter 8 mm can be used with plug, which can be a 7 mm Centre Hole. All rod electrodes can be used in screw thread GL 8/8 Insert and jam. As a trial bars they're for comparative density, around. With dimensions of diameter: 8 x 00 mm All boast sample the uniform volume from 5 cm³ which makes the thickness already easy Wägung * * *.


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