20x20g Ultimate Chlorine Tablets For swimming pools and spas OWN Branded

  • Top quality chlorine tablets
  • splasher and paddling pool water treatment
  • ideal for intex and bestway type pools

Small swimming pool or spa chlorine 20 x 20g blue horizons Multi-functional tablets keep your pool or spa clean! These super tablets work well Helps prevent algae and improves the clarity of your water. Provides a constant chlorine dose. Reduces the amount of algaecide and flocculent you use. Contains Cyanuric Acid (stabiliser) so it won't be broken down by the sunlight. Place into floating dispenser, 1 tablet per 4,500 lts (1,000 gallons) of water. If you have an in ground pool place tablets(s) into skimmer baskets. · Floating dispensers must be removed from the pool when pool in use. · Tablets must never be put directly into the pool as they will damage the liner. FULL INSTRUCTIONS LABEL SUPPLIED WITH EVERY PURCHASE


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hyacinth Chapman
12 June 2018
Used these for my 10ft paddling pool. They seem to work brillemt. Every day when we use the pool it has that wonderful smell of chlorine just like your local swimming baths. Gives a sense of hygiene so we can feel confident that he children can play about safely.
Amazon Customer
4 August 2018
We put one of these in a floater in our 4-man inflateable spa (800 litres) and it keeps the chlorine levels well, maybe slightly high. After each refill we shock the water with 28? baby sterilising tabs then add one of these to maintain levels.

Combined with some decent test strips, this has solved all the problems we initially had when we bought the spa.

EDIT: I was about to re-order when I noticed the price has tripled sine my purchase. Now looking elsewhere, adjusted from 5 to 2 stars accordingly...
1 August 2018
Chlorine tablets for my 10ft pool, work well to keep water clean and clear.
mr david aldhouse
7 January 2013
these tablets are perfect for a 10 foot outdoor pool for the family, they keep the pool clean, algae free and safe for children
13 July 2018
great tablets for swimming pool would recommend
james baskett
13 September 2018
Fast delivery. Work perfect for the big pool.
Dr D L
12 October 2017
Literally do the job. Easy packaging. Last for a good while in the dispenser.
31 July 2018
Great as described

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