3M SecureFit Safety Glasses, Grey frame, Scotchgard Anti-Fog, Amber Lens, SF603SGAF-EU 7100112712


Style Name:Anti-Fog Amber Lens

  • Dual-lens design provides optimal optical performance and an ideal field of vision
  • Features semi-rimless frame and soft nosepads for comfortable fit
  • 3M pressure diffusion temple technology for secure and comfortable fit
  • Wrap around design for secure and pressure less fit
  • 3M scotchgard anti-fog coating provides enhanced anti-fog and anti-scratch properties, complying with KandN marking requirements of EN166

SecureFit SF603SGAF-EU, grey frame, scotchgard anti-fog, amber lens, has a semi-rimless frame with two separate lenses as well as fixed-length temple arms. Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology helps diffuse pressure over the ear to enhance frame comfort across a diverse workforce. This elegant design promotes comfort and security of fit. scotchgard anti-fog coating resists fogging longer than traditional anti-fog coatings, even after washing multiple times.


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paul j
1 July 2018
Good glasses ,comfortable and light weight.
I work nights so the yellow lenses reduce the negative effects of the artificial blue light comming from fluorescent and led lamps.
The yellow lenses are a personal choice as work colleges have tried them and it's a 50 50 as to who likes them.
I have noticed a few small scratches on the lenses after a month so
Overall 4 out of 5 .
Edgars Ornicans
28 August 2018
Does exactly what it says on description. Great glasses, lightweight and comfortable and good protection. Works perfect if used with over ear defenders because of slim design of glasses. Recommended
terance percival
3 December 2018
25 August 2018
They fitted perfectly.
Pedro Covas
7 November 2018
I bought this glasses for my patients. They feel confortable.
18 October 2017
I’ve had many pairs of safety glasses from many different companies and when I saw these were advertised as having a “proprietary self-adjusting 3M Pressure Diffusion Temple Technology” I had to have them, but… within seconds of trying them on I knew they were wrong for me.

When I wear eyewear of any sorts (spectacles, sunglasses, safety glasses) – and I first started wearing glasses nearly 5 decades ago… so I’ve had a lot of practice – a couple of key things I learned a long time back is I have to avoid is pressure at my temples and pressure just behind the tops of the ears. For reasons I don’t know, I’ve always been sensitive in these areas and when I wear glasses that are not right for me I quickly get a headache induced whenever these points are pressed.

Therefore, I was excited to try these safety glasses as both of the pairs I use just now are at the point of being replaced.

So, given the blurb about these being “self-adjusting” and the accompanying picture that makes it look as though the legs can be bent outwards at the hinge, (which I found out they can’t), I thought I was onto a winner. Sadly, absolutely not.

The overall frame, including legs, of these glasses is smaller than my other safety glasses so they stay in place by the tension in their pre-moulded, curved legs ‘clamping’ onto the sides of the head… and this meant that they pressed in against, not just one but, both of the sensitive areas on each side of my head. I had to take them off again within 10 seconds or so as the pressure they put on these ‘trigger’ spots became rapidly very uncomfortable…. For me, I could not have worn a worse pair of glasses. I’ve now tried them a few times (for checking purposes only because I have to supply a review which I didn’t want to be unfairly negative), but I got the same results each time, so I’ll never put these on again.

Maybe I shouldn’t be penning this review right now because I have a stinker of a headache again (due to these glasses), and the pain’s making me feel a bit angry - bear with a sore head syndrome - (but I took paracetamol 15 mins back and hoping they’ll kick in very soon), nonetheless I’m also annoyed by 3M’s misleading marketing folk who dreamed up this false “pressure diffusion temple technology” terminology as it totally does not do that… it’s basically bendy plastic legs with strips cut in the side that makes it more bendy…. but if the company had focussed on legs that didn’t press against the temples at all, that would have been a better design.

My wife tried these glasses and they fitted her without any issue, which is why this is not a one star review, plus the lenses do provide very good clarity.
Victor Meldrew Mk2
15 October 2017
There is no excuse for not using safety goggles, something which I chose to ignore as a prescription spectacle owner, despite a couple of "near misses" using garden machinery, particularly hedge trimming and using a strimmer. This all changed when I decided to start to use contact lenses and could dispense with the less than perfect protection I was using.

This item isn't cheap, but they are far better than cheaper products that you may wish to purchase as the optical quality f the protective glass is of a very high quality, ensuring that vision is very good. They are multi-coated to ensure that they do not fog, resist dust accumulation, however, from my perspective, I have found that they are particularly good for ensuring wet grass/bits of tree bark, do not accumulate on the lens, thus requiring frequent cleaning.

In terms of comfort, these spectacles have a wrap around design and I have adjusted them to fit snuggly and remain comfortable for prolonged wear - they also allow me to use my Draper hearing protectors too. They are also not designed for gardening per se and I would suggest that they are more suited to those in a manufacturing environment, however, eye protection is so important and often ignored and I am pleased that I have this protective equipment to protect my eyes when I am using machinery in the garden or simply using DIY tools. Storage is easy in the supplied case.
G. Wylie
18 October 2017
Although I retired some time ago, nowadays I seem to spend a lot of my time on maintenance work both indoors and outdoors at my cottage home. In the course of undertaking my various chores I use gear such as drills, chainsaws, hedge cutters and strimmers and get frustrated when some of my safety glasses mist up when I'm working hard or slip off at vital moments. These ones, sent to me for testing and impartial review, are both very light and comfortable to wear. The soft rubberised nose pads adds to the feeling of comfort. I like the wrap-around design which holds them securely in place behind the ears so that they can fit various head sizes. You would not, however, be able to wear your ordinary glasses underneath them and this could prove problematic if you are attempting detailed work. While the anti-fog treatment is effective and the glasses offer good protection, I found the lenses a bit blurry, and not as clear as I would like them. I would recommend them for general use, especially over extended periods, but you can buy cheaper if you have the need to carry out more detailed work.

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