5 Micron 7'x16' Singed Polyester Felt Filter Bag PESP1S Size 1 Duda Diesel PESP1S:5

  • Polyester Felt Filter Bag - Multifilament (Nominal Rated Filter)
  • Industry Size#1 - Diameter: 7", Length: 16"
  • Food Grade Material, Maximum Working Fluid Temperature: 275°F
  • Strong Felt, Carbon Steel Support Ring, Hanging Strap, Singed For Added Strength
  • Excellent For Water, Oil, Biodiesel, Fuels, Weak Acids & Alkali, Organic Solvents & Microorganisms
Product description
Polyester Felt filter bags (PE) are nominally rated. The fabric is singed to prevent breaking of fibers during filtering. Polyester felt is not as easy to clean as mesh but can still be cleaned. Generally, these bags are meant to be thrown away after they are clogged. Polyester has an excellent rating with water, vegetable oils from animals and plants, petro-oils, organic solvents and micro-organisms. Polyester has a good rating with Alkalis, Organic acids, mineral acids and oxidizing acids.


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