5 Sheets A4 Clear/Transparent Vinyl Glossy Self Adhesive Sticker Quality Inkjet Printable - Make Your own Stickers, Products Labels, Signs and More EVG

  • 5 sheets of A4 blank clear permanent transparent glossy finish vinyl.
  • Designed for high quality inkjet printing.
  • High resolution printing.
  • Full A4 size: 210mm x 297mm
  • Easy to use: you can create, print and cut to the size you want. Suitable for creating your own product labels, signs, children stickers.


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16 February 2018
It works, prints well but does the ink stay on it? In a word, NO. I used this outside after reading it could be used outside. Printed on it, cam back a week later and thought the sticker had come off when in fact it was still there, the ink had disappeared though. Even putting my finger on a sticker that was printed a week ago and the ink came off. I have used it before with no problems but this batch, no good at all.
Patricia F.
3 August 2017
Excellent & just what I needed. It arrived in time stated.
I only ordered 5 sheets to start with to see it it was as good as they said to attach my clear craft stamps to.
It was, so much so I have now ordered a further pack of 15 sheets to complete my storage project.
jakki Blueitt
13 August 2018
I will be ordering this again. very happy with it and I have had no problems with smudging as has been previously reported
28 December 2017
Brilliant! Used these to make ID badges (with the ID cards - purchased separately) and they looked really professional.
Andy P
18 January 2018
easy to use and they arrived early. goog things
j a lawson
14 September 2017
does what it says on the box
N V.
24 September 2017
26 April 2017
Easy to print on.

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