5L Normal Type 220V Stainless New Dental/Home/Lab Water Filter Purifier Electric Distiller Moonshine Still w/Heated Pipe Panel YUEWO

  • 1.Wide application: 304 Stainless Distiller Moonshine Still can be widely used in medical, mechanical,pharmaceuticals,chemistry and laboratory area.
  • 2.High quality: 304 Stainless Distiller Moonshine Still is welded by argon arc,which is hard and durable.
  • 3.Water Control Type: 304 Stainless Distiller Moonshine Still has water control type,it has sense elements on heated pipe,intelligence circuit board,thermal sensor,control system combination that the normal type doesn't have,which improves working efficiency.
  • 4.Import water pipe: 304 Stainless Distiller Moonshine Still includes import water pipe as kits,it is clean,safe and anti-aging,please use it with safe.
  • 5.High performance: 304 Stainless Distiller Moonshine Still is high performance with 220V Voltage for 3L/5L,380V Voltage for 10L/20L,3KW for 3L,4.5KW for 5L,7.5KW for 10L,15KW for 20L.

Company Introduction:
We are one of the leading exporters and wholesalers of Moonshine stills,bore snake cleaners,helmets and varieties of products in .
We have a business background of seven years and professional production and R&D team.
What's more,we will continue to have more new potential products.
Package Lists :
pcs of distillation with water pipe and plug
Dimensions :
3 L Litres࿺39xx5cm࿻
5 L Litres࿺39xx5cm࿻
0 L Litres࿺39xx0cm࿻
0 L Litres࿺50x40x9cm;
Power :
3 L Litres࿺3KW࿻
5 L Litres࿺4.5KW࿻
0 L Litres࿺.5KW࿻
0 L Litres࿺5KW ࿻
0V for 3L/5L;30V for 0L/0L
Water Amount For One Hour ࿺
3 L Litres࿺3L/hour࿻
5 L Litres࿺5L/hour࿻
0 L Litres࿺0L/hour࿻
0 L Litres࿺0L/hour ;
Attention Tip࿺
. When the machine lacks water,temperature of heated pipe will increase gradually,the machine will blackout to prevent heated pipe from burning out when it reaches given temperature.
. Please run tap water while distilling water and do not cut off tap water,if you don't have experience,we suggest you use water control type,it is safe and convenient.
3.The button as pictured is only for water control type not normal type,it is only for show for normal type,please check it very carefully before purchasing!


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