80 pcs Prebuilt Coils, Ribbon Twist/Mix Twisted/Quad / Hive/Fused Clapton/Tank Track/Tiger / Clapton, for RDA/RBA / RTA LFS

  • This prebuilt coils kit is ideal for coil replacing, radios, DIY electronics, RDA / RBA / RTA / RF transmitters or receivers.
  • 8 types coils: Ribbon Twist coil 0.3Ω, Mix Twisted coil 0.45Ω, Quad coil 0.35Ω, Hive coil 0.5Ω, Fused Clapton coil 0.3Ω, Tank Track coil 0.45Ω, Tiger coil 0.45Ω, Clapton coil 0.8Ω. Each type 10pcs.
  • Comes in a compartment box. Supplied with paper label helps to recognize coils.

8 types Premade
Material: aluminum alloy
Internal Diameter: 3mm
Quantity: 80 pcs
10 x Ribbon Twist coil 0.3Ω
10 x Mix Twisted coil 0.45Ω
10 x Quad coil 0.35Ω
10 x Hive coil 0.5Ω
10 x Fused Clapton coil 0.3Ω
10 x Tank Track coil 0.45Ω
10 x Tiger coil 0.45Ω
10 x Clapton coil 0.8Ω


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