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  • Gift Card which can also be used as a bookmark
  • A personalised gift note can be delivered with the item, which will be printed on the packing slip (not on the bookmark). Once you have added the item to your Shopping Basket, tick the box for 'This will be a gift', you will then be prompted to add your message during Checkout.
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Katy P
18 December 2015
What a lovely idea, to make a gift token into a book mark. My son's girlfriend asked me for Amazon vouchers to buy books, for Christmas. When I saw these bookmark ones I thought they were just perfect for the job. I purchased two u00a310 vouchers, one with the moonlight snowy hillside with moon on it, and the other with upside down Santa in the chimney. Each voucher seems to be of a plasticky material so that it will be much more hardwearing than paper. On the reverse of the token is a link to see how to redeem your voucher, and has a scratch off claim code on it. Each voucher arrives in a silver grey slipcase that says Amazon Gift Card Bookmark on it, which is then inside a protective plastic bag which snaps shut. It really does make a rather boring gift voucher look so much more special. The fact that you have something permanent to show for it afterwards is very nice. I ordered then received these within three days which I was very impressed with. The only suggestion I would have to improve this, is that there could be a wider range of designs to choose from, as they are all a bit samey, design-wise.
14 May 2016
If you're giving the gift of Amazon vouchers to a keen reader, purchasing a bookmark style gift card is a thoughtful idea, particularly if presented in an actual book. (The thought being, here is a book that I chose for you that I think you will like, together with a voucher to buy one that you will actually like. Sorry for my poor taste.) The bookmark is approximately 16.5 cm tall and 5 cm wide, ignoring the ribbon, and it's made of a thin plastic, so doesn't pick up dirt or stain easily. It comes in a plastic wallet case in a plastic self-sealing bag, so very neatly packaged. The downside with this bookmark is the claim code is on the underside and once the recipient scratches off the silver bit and uses the voucher, well, it doesn't look as pretty. A first world problem if ever I heard one, but nonetheless, a slight niggle worth mentioning.

I understand why Amazon have designed the bookmark in this way, it's for security and it makes sense. However the finish would be so much more elegant if the code was on a removable sticker, or somehow it was incorporated into a cut out design, where you could effectively push out and discard the code when input into the recipient's account, so it transformed into a stylish bookmark as opposed to a clearly used item. It would also be a nice touch if you could write onto the bookmark itself, so it could serve as a permanent reminder of the gift giver, however there is no part of the plastic bookmark that has been designed for pen ink. A wasted opportunity!

Whilst I do think the generic flower design is cute and this bookmark does make for an attractive gift, I would probably only order this style of gift certificate again for low value denominations. It's available in u00a310, u00a325 and u00a350, however for u00a350, one of the Amazon gift card boxes seems more substantial and appropriate somehow. It's also worth noting that you can purchase a gift card in a box with a Kindle design, so if you are buying for someone who likes reading but prefers digital books to old fashioned physical books, that's probably a better bet.

Amazon gift certificates are valid for 10 years, so in the event that this bookmark gets used as a bookmark first and foremost and the code gets overlooked, the owner will probably still have time to realise the error and redeem it! With the long expiry dates, it never hurts to keep a stash of Amazon gift cards to hand for emergency presents, as the physical gift cards do generally seem a touch more thoughtful than the email certificates or print at home designs.
21 December 2015
As the product title suggest, you can use it as a bookmark after you spent the credit.

It is not the normal paper bookmark, it is more plastic feel, which I believe can last longer as a bookmark. Paid u00a310 for a u00a310 Amazon Credit and a plastic bookmark, value for money.
O F.
22 January 2017
Great gift card makes a lovely change from the normal gift card shape.
I have purchased these a few times as Christmas gifts for the children in the family. It's also a book mark so they can be used before and after they are spent.
I would definitely recommend this item.
28 January 2016
Nice to have a gift card in a different format, gift was appreciated by recipient. Would love to see more styles available for different occasions or themes
Mrs K T
14 October 2016
Recipient was really pleased to get a bookmark as a 'bonus' to a gift voucher, and I have spotted that she is still using it several weeks later. I'll definitely give these as gifts again in future.
Miss M Holton
15 January 2018
Great gift if one knows a friend has a Kindle. (not that one can use the bookmark feature on a Kindle) The picture brought a smile to my face!
Carl McCoid
11 December 2016
Excellent idea top quality product! So much better than buying boring cards from shops. Real effort made with these type of ideas.

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