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  • A personalised gift note can be delivered with the item, which will be printed on the packing slip (not inside the reveal product). Once you have added the item to your Shopping Basket, tick the box for 'This will be a gift', you will then be prompted to add your message during Checkout.
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Mummy of Two
31 December 2016
This is a perfect alternative to a traditional physical gift when you don't know what to get someone but when you wish to be able to hand something over rather than send the much loved e-card.

The gift card can be used pretty much against anything available to buy on Amazon (including Kindle or digital goods if wished) and the gift card and pack themselves are at no additional cost so that the full value of the card is available to use.

The gift card lasts up to 10 years from the date of purchase which means there is plenty of time to use it and once applied to the recipients account the money will be knocked off their eligible purchases. If the full balance is not used in one go it will be carried over to future purchases until the full balance is used.

This gift card comes in a nicely presented red reveal case which is made to look like a little present with a sparkly red glitter front design on it and gold ribbon bow. The top of the case lifts up to reveal the gift card inside and this has a scratch off strip on the back with the claim code underneath and when it arrives they are both sealed inside a cellophane cover. I also like that despite the red and gold colours and festive feel that this design could be used anytime throughout the year and it arrived with free next day delivery.

The reveal case measures approx 11.5cm wide by 10.6cm high.

Gift Message:
The only slight negative is that there is not a specific place to write a message, however you could write one on the red card part below where the gift card is held or on the red card part at the back if wished. If you select that the card is a gift at checkout there is supposed to be the option for an additional slip to be included with the card with a message of your choice however this will only be on what would have been an old style packing slip and so it will not actually be put inside the cellophane and you would need to insert this yourself. Also now that Amazon have stopped including packing slips with all purchases to save paper and be more environmentally friendly, I'm not even sure if this packing slip message would now be printed and so it would be best to prepare for possibly having to write the message yourself just in case. I ordered the gift card without the gift message option but having ordered presents in the past with the gift option, I know how the message would usually appear.

Applying to Your Account:-
To apply the gift card to your account you go to the
oscar wilde
21 September 2016
These gift vouchers are perfect gifts and I have started the gift card buying early. The only thing I have to mention is my card arrived with some other items, the delivery box was sealed and all the other items were fine, but someone had torn open the gift card and stolen it. I immediately contacted Amazon instant chat and they resolved the issue and refunded me for the card. I couldn't believe what had happened as this has never happened to me before. I'm very thankful that Amazon has sorted this immediately, but it makes me feel bad as how can I genuinely prove it! It was a very bad situation, but as I have said, thankfully Amazon sorted it out.
The Vanarchist
13 December 2017
Amazon gift cards are always a good one for when you are not really sure what someone would like as a gift, and these are excellent for the grandkids thanks to the santa down the chimney theme. Pull santa up and the card is revealed. Bigger than I thought, which is not a problem. Has glitter for the snow around chimney, which is a problem as I *hate* glitter (not just for eco reasons but also as it seems to stick to me for years to come) and avoid it if at all possible. Sorry Amazon, I've docked a star thanks to the glitter (not really) but actually rather thanks to the fact that out of the five I purchased two had to be fixed courtesy of the gift card not being inserted correctly so not allowing santa to slide up. Indeed, as these two were in the plastic bag a different way around to the others, and the bags were sealed rather crookedly, I'd suggest they were put together by someone whose heart really wasn't in it...
16 November 2016
Ideal gift for anybody that reads kindle ebooks or just shops on amazon as you just redeem the code on the card and the credit gets applied to your account.

The gift card arrives flat and open so you can write a message if you wish and then you fold it up into a nice looking little box.

The box is ideal as you can stick it under the christmas tree and it really does look nice for presentation, not like a cheap gift box.

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