Ariston Thermo 3318369  Adapter Kit 60/100  –   80  for Fumisteria Condensation Boiler, White

  • Installation components
  • Chimney and Flue connection
  • Pipes and Smoking in connection PPH

Product Description

33839 adapter kit 0/00 – 80 for fumisteria condensazione. boiler installation conforms to boiler of each requires the use of fumisteria Suitable for Uni 79: 08 part 3 – Air intake duct comburente: Element OD of all elements consisting of one or more walls act to the air comburente To the unit directly to the outside or the chimney of aria. exhaust fumes aspiration: Element or assembly of elements consisting of a smoke or more walls that connect the output of a functioning unit to exhaust chimney/flue/chimney intubato/Terminal, Positive Pressure In relation to the environment.


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