Autoglym Express Wax

  • Durable high-gloss wax treatment for use on wet vehicles

Durable high-gloss wax treatment for use on wet vehicles FEATURES -Easy application on wet vehicles -Imparts a brilliant smear-free finish on all exterior surfaces -Pleasant fragrance CUSTOMER BENEFITS -No need to dry the vehicle between washing and polishing -Highly cost-effective -High-shine finish guarantees customer satisfaction


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7 January 2017
Seems the same as the Aquawax but MUCH cheaper per unit volume. nb you don't get microfibre cloths supplied, nor a spray bottle. As with Aquawax this does not clean but provides the smooth, silky finish that renders washing much easier and seems to reduce substantially the amount of sticky tarry material that adheres during the winter months.
Richard J Hargrave
12 August 2018
This is the trade version of Aqua Wax, works just as well, you maybe have to apply more, but it tops up the polish beautifully.

Its easy to apply and rub down, I use it every time I wash the car.

I'll be getting more when it, eventually, runs out
27 August 2017
Great product from AutoGlym. This is the same as the AquaWax product that comes in 500 ml bottles with two microfibre cloths. Express wax is better value for money and makes washing and waxing your car quick and easy.
The Boss
8 March 2016
This stuff is amazing when used as instructed, spray onto a damp car 1 panel at a time, wipe over, buff with a clean dry cloth and hey presto, a shiny car. I also use it on all glass except the windscreen and find it make washing the car easier as the dirt doesn't seem to stick so much.
As with all Autoglym products I would highly recommend.
10 August 2017
Never clean the car without using this wax, it gets cleaned weekly and just finishes it off lovely. Easy to put on, buffs up without too much effort. Love this product.
31 July 2017
Just brilliant stuff. Really easy to apply giving lovely shine to the car. Water beads of easily in the rain making it easy to clean the car next time. I use Pure shampoo before application.
16 April 2015
This is Aqua wax. Its the best wax on the market. Its the lazy mans wax. You can put on semi wet cars, on dry cars, spray on wipe on and buff. You can even do it in direct sun light. 500ml from Halfords is just short of £15. do the maths....
21 June 2018
Appears to be exactly the same as the individual spray bottles - but far far cheaper and more economical!

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