Bambino Mio, potty training pants, mixed unisex knight's kingdom, 18-24 months, 5 pack Bambino Mio UK 5TP18-24 KING UMX



:18-24 Months

  • Made from a cotton blend fabric, nothing is softer against your child's skin.
  • Concealed water resistant layer and inner pad is designed for little accidents.
  • These pants allow your toddler to feel wetness while minimising the need for clothing changes.
  • Promotes independence for your toddler with its pull-up style design.
  • Machine washable and can be tumble dried.
Size Name:18-24 Months  |  Colour:Mixed Unisex Knight's Kingdom

Product Description

Bambino mio's award-winning reusable potty training pants are the perfect step away from nappies towards big-kid pants! this pack includes 5 x pairs of potty training pants. to get the best out of your potty training pants, bambino mio recommend washing them up to 40°c. do not use chlorine bleach. may be tumble dried on cold/low. do not iron. wash dark colours separately.

Box Contains

5 x potty training pants


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T. Finnegan
18 November 2017
Absorbent training pants for toddlers and young children...
The largest size still fits my 7-y.o., even though he is not scrawny (but not heavy either).
They will not totally contain leaks, but will minimize damage.. After all, what you want is for the child to
21 November 2017
These pants help to contain accidents but donu2019t prevent leakage entirely. My son took a while to train and I found they were better than standard pants, as when worn with jogging bottoms most accidents were soaked up rather than all over the floor. But they donu2019t contain it on their own.
10 August 2018
These are quite large especially around the legs so you may want to go down a size. They are soft with fluffy towelling inner. Washes well and cool tumble dry. Five pack very much needed.

First attempt disaster. Second attempt made sure were pulled up up tight and they were ok. Wonu2019t contain large volumes but might save your sanity.
30 August 2017
Good for potty training in a way because they absorb a wee so you don't get wee all down the child's legs. However I feel it may be faster to just go straight to plain cotton knickers so the child can feel wet and learn quicker the cause and effect between having a wee and feeling wet.
Safiya Warburton
15 August 2017
Only used for a very short time (as the child was ready to toilet train), but worked well for those slight accidents that happen before a child is 100% dry. The fit was great.
6 June 2018
Quiet expensice. Didnt help with potty training as my son's trousers would still get wet so I rather but normal pants which are cheaper.
Amazon Customer
18 July 2018
These are a total waste of money, they do not hold even the slightest drip in, would not recommend at all. If your potty training normal pants do the same job
Amazon Customer
28 August 2018
this is a must have for toilet training, esp if your little one has small accidents or when out and about. These are not meant to be used as a nappy replacement keep that in mind. I will be using them for nursery too as kids often forget they need to pee while playing. My son just turned 3 and wears 4-5 yrs clothing and the 3+ size fits well

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