Block Tech Building Brick Xmas Advent Calendar Winter Scene Toys Presents Grafix

  • Behind every door is a new model piece to create a
  • Add to your Block Tech scene every day!
  • Includes mini-figures, christmas trees, horse & ca
  • Compatible with Lego and other leading brands

Advent winter scene Lots of models to make Model pieces behind every door! Quality blocks compatible with other leading brands Includes: presents 3 lanterns trees Outdoor table and tablewear girl boy skier flowers Snow mobile Snow mobile Snow mobile rider Horse, carriage and coachman gift bags Suitable for ages 5 years + Safety Information: Warning. Not suitable for Children under 3 years.


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Mrs K
6 January 2014
Absolutely appalling quality as others have already stated. Parts missing, parts broken, parts that don't fit together. States it's compatible with lego, I don't think it's even compatible with itself! My little boy was heartbroken day after day. We had 2 broken trees, a man with half a body, random piles of bricks, no instructions....I could go on but the main point is DON'T waste your money!
7 December 2013
I bought this item for my youngest son as I usually buy a leading brand, and wanted him to have something different this year. It is compatible with leading brands. On day 1, he got a lamp-post, which he was less than thrilled with. The next day was very surprising, as he got a mini-figure which he was pleased with, but it was a female who had a beard!! We are now on day 7 and he still hasn't had anything where he's had to assemble items. Overall, it's a good budget advent calendar, but slightly boring as there's nothing to build. I will probably revert to the leading brand next year.
Diana Klein
18 December 2016
This was the biggest waste of money! A good number of pieces were missing from the calendar; and two of the characters were missing too (Santa and Rudolf)! Pieces were different colours from what they should have been making it hard to identify what the piece was for. it was frustrating that a child could not make something each day and sometimes it took two or three days to get all the pieces needed. That meant that they lost interest and I ended up finishing the calendar. There were no instructions in my box. Very, very disappointing.
7 December 2016
The bricks are cheap, some are to small to fit together and we had to use blue tack to hold them others are too small, gave those a whack with a rolling pin, it worked but they are never being separated! The bricks to make each item are spread out over a couple of days so just got to hope bits don't get lost before the model can be finished but with a 3 year old lil sister i don't really like my sons chances of that! But the instructions to make the models are inside the actual calender so I had to cut the box open to get to those so he has access to all the bricks with out opening any windows anyway! I should have saved my money and got him a chocolate one!
7 October 2016
Bought this for one munchkin last year & it was such a hit that I've bought it for munchkin's sibling this year.

Great price. Instructions aren't the best.
26 December 2016
Dreadful - pieces missing, pieces not in order i.e. You start building something one day and in theory should get the next set of bricks to continue the next day but no that didn't happen. I had one frustrated and upset child who in the end couldn't be bothered with. And if I'm honest I got totally fed up with in the end.
3 December 2017
Really not happy with this as two of the doors when open, which is a difficult thing to do as perforations do not allow a child of almost 4 to open, do not contain anything!! Also a child has to have considerable patience to wait to see how all the pieces will make something, quite disappointing.
12 December 2016
Found it quite difficult to put some of the pieces together especially the tiny ones which is a great shame as the idea is very good. My 7 and 8 yrs grandsons cannot wait to finish it.

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