Bostik B183836 Blu Tack - White



  • re-useable adhesive - in white
  • Clean, safe and easy to use
  • Very versatile with thousands of uses
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Product Description

Blue Tack Bostik Mastic Adhesive Non-toxic White. The Blue Tack is Clean, reusable mastic adhesive with a multitude of uses. Ideal for sticking up maps, charts etc., or holding telephones, calculators etc. firmly to desks.

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Bostik B183836 Blu Tack - White


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Mr Mean
2 June 2018
3 packs of white Blu-Tack in the middle of summer?? Yep, you guessed it another drunken purchase. Amazon really knows how to get my money off me. I vaguely remember ordering this with the idea of fashioning my own small toys out of the bloody stuff for my daughter??
But I grew up poor, and the small ball of Blu Tack i had as a pet, provided me with literally days of entertainment.
On the plus side, my roof sometimes leaks, and if i could get my ladder off the roof, I could use this to plug the hole I guess.
Well played Amazon, well played...
22 June 2018
This will come in handy for displaying Christmas cards up the banisters when the festive season returns. Blu Tack is also good for mounting u201cbookshelfu201d speakers on speaker stands.

A useful filler item to bring my Amazon order over the minimum spend for free delivery.
28 June 2018
Awesome stuff! ud83dudc4dud83cudffb
15 April 2018
Does what it says
D. Mosley
8 April 2018
white blu tack great product
11 April 2018
As described
A. F. Thompson
17 May 2018
Good product as expected.
Canne C
17 February 2014
Blutack is vastly used in our office environment and does the job it is required to do with no mess. Very good product.

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