Connoisseurs Jewellery Wipes 25s RK-6J8R-ZLRO

  • Leaves an Anti-tarnish Shield on Silver Jewelry to maintain a Like-new Luster.
  • Safely Cleans and Polishes Gold, Silver, Gemstones and Costume Jewelry.
  • For Fast Touch-ups, anytime and anywhere.
  • Dry, Disposable and Non-toxic.

Jewelry Wipes - For gold, silver and other jewelry metals.  Twenty-five dry wipes in each dispenser.  Safe and easy to use.


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8 March 2016
Love these wipes. Took a few days to arrive but was still quicker than the expected delivery date. These wipes honestly bring silver up like new. I had some black marks etc on charms but has completely removed any tarnishing and everything looks like new. I will only use these wipes now as the cloth I have used before is not as good!! Quite expensive but well worth it.
17 April 2012
I have been using these jewellery wipes since I was given a carton in New York and thats about 6 years ago.
They are absolutely brillant very quick to use-very easy and all my silver stays lovely and looks like new
without me having to take ages to clean it. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to keep their
jewellery looking like new and not old and tarnished......
geraldine short
12 April 2016
These wipes really do work. Tried on an ol tarnished chain. It came up like new. Amazing.
Roving Chester
15 November 2013
Dry wipes which really do bring gold, silver etc. up to a nice shine. Recommended for watches, chains, jewellery etc..
3 March 2017
Excellent results. Jewellery looks almost like new. Will definitely purchase again.
Basia Bednarek
1 May 2016
great product.
10 April 2016
Best thing ever invented. Owning a jewellery shop, keeping silver clean is a never ending chore. So these wipes are perfect, and especially at POS when product needs a bit of TLC before sale.
sarah glover
8 June 2015
Fantastic value for money

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