Dormer A170 Hs 1/2in Par Shank Drill 16.50mm 0030257 Drill Bits and Holesaws Drill Bits for Metal (High Speed Steel) Straight - Parallel Shank Drills Straight - Parallel Shank Drills - Metric


Size Name:14.00mm

  • Tip diameter: 16.50 mm HSS.Working length: 84mm.Overall length: 157mm.
  • Dormer A170 Parallel shank drills with a standard helix, right hand spiral, 1/2in parallel shank drill, often referred to as a Blacksmiths drill. General purpose drill, ideal for a wide range of materials where chuck holding capacity is limited.Suitable for both hand and machine use.

Product Description

a170 hs 1/2in par shank drill 16.50mm

Manufacturer's Description

A170 Hs 1/2in Par Shank Drill 16.50mm


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