ECO-WORTHY 8 Inch 12V Linear Acuator +1KW 12V Complete Single Axis Sunlight Solar Tracking System L03TGF12V200-TSAC-1

  • 12V 8 Inch Linear Actuator with Track Controller Kit, Perfect for Solar Panel Tracking System.
  • Linear Actuator: light weight and compact structure, user-friendly control, simple installation, low noise, etc.
  • The Tracking Controller Kit has Automatical Detection System. Red and Green LED Display Easy for Check Working Station.
  • Over Current Protection and Wrong Battery Pole Connection Protection.
  • Stainless Steel Sensor Anti Water and Rust. The Sensitivity of Light can be Adjustable.

. 8 Inch Linear Actuator
Input Voltage: VDC
Maximum Load: 50KG
Stroke Length: 00mm
Retracted Length: 30mm
Extended Length : 50mm
Stroke length: 8 inches (00mm)
Travel Speed: (5.7mm/sec)
Duty Cycle: 0%
Starting Current (No-Load): 0.8A
Max load current: 3A
Limit Switches: Pre-installed
Certification: CE/SGS Gears: Lubricated Metal Gears
Weather Resistance: IP54 Rated (suitable for outdoor use)
Color: Silver
. Solar Tracking Controller
Nominal output: V
Max load current: 8A
Waterproof: IP54
Size: 4.53*3.5*.34in (5x80x35mm)
Operating temperature: -0 to +60
C.W.: Adjustable the sun sensitivity
Led light: Weak sunlight indicator
Dual Led: Red and blue to indicate working information 3. Tracking Sensor
Material: 304 stainless steel
Solar Cells: pcs poly epoxy solar panel
Direction angle: Adjustable
Package Inlcuded
pc V 8 Inch Linear Actuator with Mounting Brackets
pc solar tracking controller with light-sensor


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