FFFworld PETG Tech 250 g. Black 1.75 mm - High performance PETG Filament for 3D Printer PETGTECH_250G_1.75MM_BLACK


:1 kg. / 1.75 mm.

Colour Name:Black

  • High performance PETG filament for FFF 3D printing.
  • High impact resistance similar to ABS's
  • Low warping & Not heated bed needed
  • Vacuum sealed and packed in anti-stress box
  • Documentation and detailed use instructions available


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19 April 2018
I have had some good results. I am printing with a Balco Touch ( Aldi`s poor rebadged version of the Wanhau Duplicater) with and upgraded full metal (Micro Swiss) hotend and upgraded blower assembly. I think that FFFworld filaments are really good, particularly being able to buy reasonable size small rolls (250g) to test on good size models. Also the profiles for both Cura and S3D on the web site are really useful. Printing with S3D profile at 245 c With 75c bed temp. With the PETG I find giving a little more space to nozzle when levelling gives better results and improved bed adhesion. I also print on tape with lots of glue stick for for adhesion. Warps if I just use a glass plate. No jammimg or extrusion issues.

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