HALJIA PWM Adjustable Pulse Frequency Duty Cycle Module Square Wave Rectangular Wave Signal Generator XY-LPWM

  • LCD can display frequency and duty cycle clearly
  • PWM output can set the frequency and duty cycle separately
  • Wide frequency range, high precision;
  • Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 30V;
  • Frequency range: 1Hz ~ 150KHz;

Frequency has four ranges, automatic switching:
XXX (no decimal point): the smallest unit is Hz, the value range of Hz ~ 999Hz;
X.XX (decimal point in the hundred) the smallest unit is 0.0Khz, the range of .00Khz ~ 9.99Khz;
XX.X (decimal point in ten): the smallest unit is 0.Khz; value range of 0.0KHz ~ 99.9KHz;
X.X.X (decimal point in ten and hundred): the smallest unit is Khz; value range KHz ~ 50KHz
frequency display: "F0": Setting frequency is 0 HZ (00 ~ 999),"F.05": Setting frequency is .05 KHZ (.00 ~ 9.99)
"F0.5": Setting frequency is 0.5KHZ (0.0 ~ 99.9),"F.0.5": Setting frequency is 05KHZ (.0.0 ~ .5.0)
Duty cycle range: 0 ~ 00%,for example, D050, set the PWM duty cycle is 50%. All set parameters save when power failure.

The Module Parameters:
Working voltage: 3.3 ~ 30V;
Frequency range: Hz ~ 50KHz;
Frequency accuracy: the accuracy in each range is about 2%;
Signal load capacity: the output current can be about 5 ~ 30ma;
Output amplitude: PWM amplitude equal to the supply voltage;
Ambient temperature: -20 ~ +70 Celsius
Material: Metal
size: 52 x 32mmx 8mm
Colour: Blue

The Scope of Application:
.Used as a square wave signal generator, generate square wave signal for experimental development and use;
2.Used to generate a square wave signal that controls the motor driver;
3.Generate adjustable pulse for MCU use;
4.Generate adjustable pulse, control the relevant circuit

Packing List:
x rectangular wave signal generator


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