HiLetgo® 5pcs Normally Closed Dry Reed Pipe Reed Switch Glass Sealed Size 2 * 14MM NC Magnetic Induction Switch Electromagnetic for Arduino

  • Dry reed tube compact structure, small weight, can be installed in the extremely limited space, very suitable for miniaturization equipment.
  • Dry reed switch components are hermetically sealed in an inert gas atmosphere, never contact with the external environment, long working life.
  • Dry reed tube does not use sliding components, so there will be no metal fatigue related to the degradation of all metals, to ensure virtually unlimited mechanical life.
  • Reed switch can be used as a sensor, the use of magnetic field signals to control the line switching devices

It is well applied in mobile phones, program-controlled switches, photocopiers, washing machines, refrigerators, cameras, disinfection cupboards, door magnets, window magnets, electromagnetic relays, electronic scales, level gauges, gas meters.
Maximum power 6W
The maximum switching voltage 60VDC / VAC
High voltage 60VDC / VAC
The maximum switching current 0.A
The maximum load current 0.A
The maximum contact resistance of M
Minimum insulation resistance x0/ x09
Action time 0.ms
Bounce time 0.0ms
Response frequency of 000Hz
Sensitive value 0 ~ 0AT
Min reset sensitive value of FT
The maximum contact capacitance of .0PF
life (load) x06 (0mV, 0mA)
Test the number of coil / resistance 000/600 Europe
Reed switch use note:
, extreme caution must be exercised when cutting or bending the lead pins of the reed switch to avoid damaging the glass-metal seal by applying undue stress. Appropriate clamping tools must be used
, encounter the temperature and the long exposure time may lead to glass - metal seal damage (cracking, leakage, etc.), it must be fast and reliable welding technology (process). Recommended soldering conditions are: 80 to 00 ° C for hand welding and 0 to 00 ° C for wave soldering.
Package Included:
* .xmm Reed Switch


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