Horstmann Electronic 7 Water Heater Controller

  • Horstmann ELECTRONIC 7 Immersion Heater Controller Economy 7
  • For control of "off peak" type water heater installations
  • Automatic clock adjusts to accommodate GMT/BST summer/winter time.
  • Long life battery maintains the clock, display and switch time settings.
  • 'Boost' button is ideal for short term overriding.

Product Description

ELECTRONIC Immersion Heater Controller Economy
A proven, reliable and accurate unit, the Economy Quartz is easy to install and set, providing a tankful of hot water to start each day utilising Economy off peak rate overnight electricity. The manual boost timer provides extra hot water in the day time - should it be needed.

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Bryan E. Lewis
1 June 2016
This water heater controller is far superior to the old one that I replaced. I like the idea of being able to set the length of time that the heater is on
and also WHEN it comes on ... e.g. for an hour just before when the economy 7 time finishes so water is hot when I get up.
I was a bit concerned as to how I was going to fit it ... but it's dead simple. Just disconnect 5 wires on the old unit and plug in the 5 wires of the
new one. They are conveniently numbered 1 to 5 to match the numbers on the old back-plate.
All done in 5 minutes plus the time it takes to set start-stop times etc.
14 April 2018
Replaced my previous manual model directly - same connections 1 to 5 in the same location.

The manual talks about a lock down feature but doesn't say how to enable or disable it -not that I need that anyway.

Overall really good, hopefully it will last decades like the previous manual model it's replacing.
John Candy
23 August 2018
Easy to connect and far more versatile than a mechanical timer (in particular offers more precise settings and has battery which maintains correct time if there is a power outage). Even has a setting which automatically switches to/from British Summer Time. Horstmann have a good reputation for quality. The boiler timer which sits alongside this immersion timer is still going strong after 30 years.
Ian David Shields
9 November 2017
Great value! It was replacing an older (20 years) model and fitted the original base plate so it was a very easy fix. The controller arrived very promptly - less than twenty four hours after ordering.
31 July 2018
Direct replacement for an old none digital horstmann economy 7 water heater control. Same size back box, plug and play onto old cables so no rewiring required. Excellent and easy to programme timer.
Mike Bailey
15 August 2018
Simple to use, and easy to fit, the only drawback being one rather short connection wire in the box, but it was not an insurmountable problem. The switch is now in use and doing the job very well.
Rob Khan
15 April 2015
I have no electrical prowess what so ever and I have just fitted a Horstman Electronic 7 immersion controller to a dual element system
(ie. my water tank has both, 'off-peak' and 'quick boost' heating elements) but having had a little time to play with it, there's no reason it can not be used to control a single element system too.
Remarkably well designed, straight forward to install and easy to set up and operate.
Highly recommeded product.
19 April 2013
I've installed Horstmann timers in several properties we own, I'm very impressed with their quality and reliability. Their user manual is easy to follow. I recommend this unit - it is easy to install, easy to programme and has a good solid build quality feel to it.

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