Jewellers Rouge Powder, for final polishing of Gold & Silver jewellery, also for removing minor scratches from glass. ROUGE POWDER 350g Tin Bolgers

  • bolpolTM Jewellers Rouge Powder 350g Tin

Bolpol Jewellers Rouge powder is the finest quality that money can buy, its an ultra fine abrasive powder, used to remove fine scratches from Glass and to polish precious metals like Gold, Silver and soft metals.

Our Jewellers Rouge powder is a high quality grade of Iron oxide () abrasive which is the same we use to make our best selling Jewellers rouge bars, as used by Jewellers all over the world. Bolpol Jewellers Rouge powder is Silica free, Iron oxide () abrasive which has a natural red colour, from which Rouge gets its name ( Rouge being french for red) unlike the cheap Jewellers Rouge powders imported from china, which are a low quality alumina abrasive, dyed to a red colour, although its still sold as Jewellers Rouge.

To use the powder, Mix with water (or mix with a light oil like olive oil) into a paste form. Apply with a soft clean cotton rag and rub the workpiece in light circular motions. Please be aware that Jewellers Rouge powder is an ultra fine abrasive intended to remove light scratches and polish the surface it will not remove deep scratches


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Paul Duxbury
17 June 2018
Came in a small plastic tub, not the tin pictured, who even knows if it was the same product? Feel like I was miss-sold something, anyway used it with a new buffer and didn't remove any of the light scratches in a glass window, something else I will never use again from Amazon.

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