Korloy 1-06-001328 PWLNR Lever Lock Turning Tool Holder for WN**0604 PWLNR2020-K06

  • Compatible with WNMG0604 or WNMA0604 turning inserts
  • Lever lock clamping style for use on a wide range of applications from light roughing to finish turning
  • Supplied with all relevant spares including wrenches
  • Designed for OD, FACE and BACK turning applications
  • Industrial quality tool holders suitable for CNC and conventional machining of all metals

Product Description

The lever lock clamping system is the most widely used type of holder for external turning. It offers both good rigidity, good accuracy and no interference of chips that can be a problem with top clamped tools. The PWLNR Right Hand 20x20mm shank turning tool holder is compatible with WNMG00 or WNMA00 turning inserts and designed for OD, FACE and BACK turning applications. The insert is positioned with a 5 degree approach angle. The tool holder is made from high quality alloy steel.


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