Lamptti Stainless Steel Bearing Lifting Pulley Block Hanging Wheel Silent Hanging Wheel Fitness Wheel Mute Silent Wheel Loading 300 kg Lamptti®

  • ❤ Good quality: anti-rust and wear-resistance with strong structure, with shock light processing surface, sturdy and durable
  • ❤ Rugged nylon sheave (no noise, flexible)
  • ❤ Loadable 300KG
  • ❤ Material: stainless steel
  • ❤ The package includes: 1x Bearing Lifting Pulley Hanging Wheel


. Product Name: Bearing lifting pulley hanging wheel silent hanging wheel fitness wheel mute silent wheel
2. Material: stainless steel
. Features: Rugged nylon sheave (no noise, flexible)
         Loadable 00KG, stainless steel
4. Size: as shown

The package includes:

x Bearing Lifting Pulley Hanging Wheel


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