Lead round bar 8 x 100  mm, Pb 99.95, Electrode, Anode Electroplating, Polymet Galvanotech Element #82, Pure Metal Polymet - Reine Metalle.

  • LEAD, Stab anode aus 99.95% PB
  • Diameter 8 mm x 100 mm
  • Standard electrode for experiments in the electronics chemistry (Electroplating, of, ion hiking Bestimmung electrochemical potentials etc.)

LEAD, bar anode made of .% Pb, electrode diameter: 8 mm x 100 mm this standard electrode, it principally used for experiments in the electronics chemicals (electroplating,, Ion SPA pack of hiking, measure electrochemical potentials etc). Bar electrodes with diameter 8 mm can be used with plug, which can be a 7 mm Centre Hole. All rod electrodes can be used in screw thread GL 18/8 Insert and jam.


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