MK Commando K9001 Plug 16 Amp 2P+E 200-250 Volt (IP44) Blue K9001 BLU

  • Reliable and easy to wire
  • Robust and ergonomic design
  • Flexible and convex cable entry
  • Superior grip
  • Self cleaning contacts to ensure constant contact pressure

Product Description

Commando offers a comprehensive range of industrial plugs, connectors, socket outlets and appliance inlets. The Commando range is designed to meet all relevant European and British Standards, while offering an excellent choice of ingress protected ratings. The Commando range offers remarkable impact strength, outstanding temperature performance and good resistance to most chemicals, making it ideal for the most arduous applications.

The products are completely reliable, due to their calibrated contact sleeves with stainless steel springs, brass screws in brass contacts and double earthing screws. All of these features enable the products to keep free of dirt, ensure constant contact pressure and ultimately perform better and longer in difficult conditions. The products are ergonomically designed with rounded edges and corners to remove any sharp edges. Cable protection is improved and their new design also offers a better and more comfortable grip for connection/disconnection. The unified seal and cable protector forms a convex dome that prevents the plug from fastening on objects or collecting debris when dragged. Also backed out, retained screws and contact carrier marked front and back makes for quick, easy and correct wiring. The Commando range is the most reliable range of industrial wiring devices--all you need to do is fit it, and forget it.

Box Contains

  • Commando K900 6 amp P+E 00-50 volt plug (IP) blue
  • Instruction leaflet


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    23 October 2017
    I was using a cheap set bought from a discount outdoor store. Unbranded products have no reputation to uphold and are cheap for a reason. I was getting tripping on the house supply and it turned out to be a cheap commando socket/plug combo. No water sealing at all. That electricians call out cost me £70 - so cheap didn't save me a bean.

    These are still only IP44, so don't go mad, but they are so really well made and designed - easiest plug to wire and assemble ever.
    Tik C.
    3 June 2017
    These seem really high quality, with a good rubber looking gasket as well as a fairly secure looking tool less cord grip.

    They click close, and require a screwdriver or a pen to depress a pin to open again so again, quite secure looking.

    The picture is not accurate however, they're much longer than in the picture, and look different
    27 February 2018
    Used on my inverter welder. Easy to wire and has a good cable grip. Would highly recommend over some cheaper ones.
    14 April 2014
    Very easy to wire in and appears fairly strong. My one criticism is that it would take very little effort on the part of the manufacturer to mark up the terminals in the plug. It is wired in the same manner as a domestic plug, live on the bottom right etc - but it would be nice to have the reassurance.
    Kindle Customer
    21 December 2017
    Seems like a well built piece of kit
    Roger Thurston
    22 December 2014
    Just wish I'd realised its a one-shot fit rachet. Once closed, its closed...forever!
    Does the job.
    Colin T
    23 April 2014
    Good service from seller, arrived within time frame given.
    Item as described, fits and works as expected/ required.
    Only Plastic feels a little utility, not as solid as others used previously .
    Would still re-order good VFM.
    El Geraldo
    23 June 2015
    Made up my own electric hook-up by screwing one of these to one end of a length of orange, 25m mains cable from CPC, and screwing a 4-way switched outlet (ASIN:B003II41QK) to the other.

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