Naraku crankshaft heavy duty with 16 tooth oil pump driven sprocket for 139QMB/QMA 29017301


:AGM Motors GMX450

  • Product code: LR-756.93.95

Naraku is already the term for tuning parts in the 4-stroke market. Attention was paid to the necessity of a durable, quality crankshaft that is also a good deal. The shaft is produced according to OEM guidelines by Taiwanese and ese vehicle manufacturers. According to the demands of big bore cylinders, the shaft is equipped with HD heavy duty quality needle bearings for the piston rod. This ensures noticeably more durability and a longer product life compared to the original Chinese shafts.
Yes, the HD crankshaft is a couple of Pounds more expensive than the Chinese spare part, but it is money well spent for whoever wants to replace the crankshaft on their vehicle. Nothing is more annoying than a quickly defective scooter due to lower quality spare parts.

The crankshaft corresponds to the measurements and shape of the original and is excellently suited as a spare, with bonus durability for additional tuning. The shaft is delivered with already pressed crankshaft bearings. Our favourite next to the shaft from Top Racing. And the first choice in price/performance.

Oil pump drive with 6 teeth.


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