Nushine Silver Plating Solution 100ml - permanently plate PURE SILVER onto worn silver, brass, copper and bronze (eco friendly formula) 104

  • Contains Pure Silver
  • Permanent results - no chips or flakes
  • Easy to use and includes an anti-tarnish agent
  • Leaves a brilliant shine
  • Water based, biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphates, nitrates and solvent free

Product Description

Instantly plate a layer of pure silver onto brass, copper, bronze, un-passivated nickel and heavily worn silver articles - using cotton wool! This advanced, eco-friendly product is much more than a silver polish. It not only cleans tarnish from old, tired and worn out silver or silver-plated articles; it instantaneously re-plates a layer of pure silver onto heavily worn silver and base metals. Convert brass, copper and bronze into silver plated items - permanently! The photos illustrate a partially plated brass plate and penny coin after a quick rub with the Silver Plating Solution. This product is a top choice among professionals; it's well established in the UK, Europe and globally for over 25 years. - Easy to use, simply rub on, wipe off! No electrolysis required - Contains Pure Silver - Permanent results - no chips or flakes - Leaves a brilliant shine - Includes an anti-tarnish agent to delay future tarnish - Eco-friendly formula. Water based, biodegradable, non-toxic, phosphates, nitrates and solvent free - Needs direct contact with Brass, Copper or Bronze to work, so does not work on lacquered items - ONLY works on Brass, Copper, Bronze or un-passivated nickel any problems, please test the solution on a copper coin FIRST to see how it should work or email us on [email protected], we're happy to help - Will not work on other metals or build up silver on unworn silver Directions 1. Please wear gloves - pure silver turns black on contact with skin, this is NOT harmful but isn't a good look! 2. Shake the bottle before use 3. Apply with a clean soft cloth to the area to be cleaned or plated and rub firmly for 15 to 20 seconds 4. Polish gently with a clean, dry cloth for an immediate shine 5. Repeat if necessary 6. Wash in water to remove any excess and finish!

Box Contains

This is a bottle which contains Silver Plating Solution


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Ralph Cook
5 August 2017
I have used this on a Victorian EPNS teapot which was showing signs of the bronz coloured base metal over a small area. This is hard work! I lost count of the number of coatings - at least ten, I think. That is not quite as bad as it sounds, since 'the next coating can follow the last' in quite quick succession. I no longer see the bronz, but the 'replated' area still does not shine to match the neighbouring highly polished surfaces. See the slightly 'shaded' area near bottom right on the photo. I shall have another 'go' tomorrow. The small bottle should actually last a long time unless you are trying to replace an entire tea service - although perhaps I will empty it after the 150'th application on this wretched teapot!
8 July 2015
I had a very tarnished, favourite, large costume jewellery chain that was almost black around the neck where I had worn perfume....I thought I was going to have to throw it away but this product has given it a new lease of really works like magic! BEWARE...use gloves...I had black hands for almost a week!!
Veronica Edmondson
5 May 2017
This, in my view, is an outstanding product.

I was pleasantly surprised at the astonishing results.

This would be my first choice to use for a silver plating restoration.
Amazon Customer
14 October 2017
Brilliant product for polishing up tarnished silver plated jewelry, Make sure you use gloves it will stain your hands! My bracelet came up like new.
Tony F Daniel
19 August 2016
Hi, I found this product to do exactly what I required it to do, took a bit of effort & persistance on my part !!
But the Finnished article was worth the effort. Thanks
Tony Daniel ..
5 May 2014
Ok but not as good as other silver plating products/ dips I have had before. Good for refreshing tired looking chains etc but doesn't really plate effectively
A Webb
10 June 2017
I was sceptical but it really works. I used it on a pair of candle sticks
S. Parker
31 October 2015
This does work if yo put the time in.
I've achieved a very nice finish on tombac, it takes several applications to get a good finish and you have to put in a bit of elbow grease! Don't expect great results from the first pass. I would also say that if it's for a regularly used or handled item electroplating is the way to go, but this is superb for decorative items.

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