Personalised Baby DUMMY CLIP | Pacifier Holder with preffered name – boys motif blue heart | Beststeller from Germany kleinerStorch

  • please send prefered name AFTER purchase via Amazon contact form or by mail ([email protected])
  • shipped from Germany within a few days
  • dummy clip as personal gift for every ocassion
  • made of high-quality materials
  • saliva resistant and free from harmful substances

This individual dummy clip personalised with the name of the child makes
your little darling distinctive and very special. Whether as a personal gift for
the birth or baptism - lovingly made by hand work is this unique guaranteed
an eye-catcher.

More designs and products are available in our shop. Regardless of the
order amount we only calculate once shipping costs.

Production:We are the leading provider in Germany of personalised dummy clips so
the production of the pacifier chain is done with great care and under
compliance with german statutory regulations. Only high-quality materials
from Germany (mainly wood) are used which are saliva resistant and
completely free from harmful substances. The length of the dummy chains
is max. 22cm (from the clip), otherwise there is a risk of strangulation.
The nickel-free clips are equipped with three ventilation holes to reduce
the risk of suffocation.
The number of embossed letters is limited to max. 7-8 pieces, the number
of beads may vary depending on the length of the name.

Purchase Procedure:
This product is made according to your wishes with the child's name.
Please let us know your desired name after purchase quoting the order
number via Amazon contact form or by mail ([email protected])!

The dummy chain is made immediately after we receive this data.


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zohra bessaha
24 February 2016
Love this item I've bought one for my daughter when she was born 2 years ago but it wasn't as good quality as this
Only down side is it did state the number of letters I could add bit when I revived it, it did not include what I had written it compleat removed his last name :(
He's had it a while and does use daily and I've notice the balls are cracking at the paint job
Which I was disappointed with as my son just has it hanging on his baby grow and doesn't really play with it so not sure was its starting to crack a little
18 December 2017
I brought this for my four week old nephewu2019s Christmas present. It arrived a week after I ordered it which, I thought was pretty good considering the seller is based in Germany and itu2019s personalised. Stretched out, itu2019s just shy of 26 cm as youu2019ll see in the photo. If I ever need another personalised dummy clip, Iu2019ll be sure to come back here.
Michelle B.
3 September 2018
I changed my mind within less than 3 minutes from buying this product after concerns ref the beads despite me emailing the company I received no response other than an email saying product is on its way which I doubt as I be product is personalised
26 October 2017
Excellent! My nephew loves it and he is only 4 months old ud83dude04.. his mum loves it too, practical, personalised and good quality
Felicity wells
9 June 2018
Lovely present
Emma M.
9 December 2015
Love this been using for a year nearly everyday. Saved loads on what would been lost dummies looks lovely
Katie Smith
29 July 2018
Very cute :)
Jane Rhodes
23 September 2018
Beautifully made

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