Polaroid 3D PLA Root Play Wood Filament Pack - Three wood colors 15 x 5m - 1.75mm diameter 3D-FP-PL-2501-00

  • 3 fantastic wooden colours.
  • Standard 1.75 mm diameter PLA Filament material.
  • 15 x 15 g (5 m) 3 wooden colours

Product Description

You love creating wooden 3D designs so much that you wouldn’t give up your Polaroid Root Play pen for all the wood in the wilderness… Wait, you would, because you need the wood. But, then you wouldn’t have the pen… Start again. You love your Polaroid Root Play pen so much that you need a lot of refill material. And, we have it! Expand your power to shape wood with this Polaroid Root Play 3D filament box of 5 wood filament packs!
As mentioned, this box gives you 5 packs of wood filament. In those 5 packs you’ll find the 3 finishes in Polaroid’s range, giving you light wood, dark wood, and a mixture of the two, bringing the opposing wood families together at last!
The wood filament is .75 mm in diameter, and each pack will give you about half an hour’s use if you draw continuously. How much is that? About 5 metres’ worth, so the entire box will give you up to 75 metres! That’s enough wood to make a woodchuck chuck (if a woodchuck could chuck, that is).
Having the power to shape wood, especially in 3 different shades, is tree-rrific! (OK, that one was un… natural. Nailed it). So, for hours of wood-shaping wonder, get your Polaroid Root Play 3D filament pack today!


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