Preppin' Weapon - Green - The Best Sanding Block in The World - Time Shaver Tools, Inc.

  • ✔ The Most Comfortable, Efficient and Abrasive Saving Sanding Block in the World!
  • ✔ Cuts sandpaper waste by 36% compared to ordinary rubber blocks. Save money by using the lower cost plain-backed sandpaper.
  • ✔ Durable construction with lifetime warranty on moving parts!
  • ✔ Comfortable grip reduces fatigue during extended periods of work. The Sanding Block preferred by professionals. Made in the USA.
  • Size: 7-3/4"L X 2-3/4"W

- TIRED OF HAVING SORE HANDS FROM POORLY DESIGNED SANDERS? The Preppin' Weapons' ergonomic design spreads the load out against your hand, eliminating uncomfortable pressure points! It does not have any sharp parts to injure you or your project.

- DURABLE CONSTRUCTION WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY ON MOVING PARTS! Time Shaver's hand held sander won't break if it's dropped, nor will it rust. If any of the Preppin' Weapons' moving parts stop working, just contact us for a replacement part!

- EASY TO USE WET OR DRY AUTO BODY AND WOOD SANDER! Securely attach sand paper in seconds! Unlike most sanding blocks, the Preppin' Weapon excels at wet sanding in addition to dry, as it floats allowing dust and grit to fall away.


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