Real Filament 8719128329772 Real PLA, Spool of 1 kg, 1.75 mm, Fluor Pink NLPLAFPINK1000MM175

  • High quality filaments for high quality prints!
  • A biodegradable filament
  • Most popular filament!
  • Easy to print with
  • This filament will work on your printer!

Product description

REAL PLA (Polylactic acid or polylactide) is a hard thermoplastic, produced out of renewable sources like corn or starch. PLA has a relatively low melting temperature of 75C and is one of the easiest 3D printing material. PLA can be used for almost any 3D-object.PLA is an easy to use filament type and a very popular choice in the 3D printing community. It's possible to print very accurate and precise objects without a heated bed. Thanks to the great fluidity in molten state PLA is a great alternative for ABS. PLA can also get to higher print speeds. REAL PLA always has a stunning glaze, the printing temperature varies from 80C to 230C.The recommended setting is 20C. For the best results you can print at a speed between 0 and 80mm/s. All REAL PLA Filament has a magnificent deep colouring. REAL filament applies to all ROHS and REACH certificates. These certificates can be found and downloaded on the manufacturers web page. There is also a MSDS available.


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J. B. Fielding
14 October 2017
I don't usually print with PLA but fancied giving some a go. Prints well and lovely bright pink colour.
11 November 2017
Very good
11 September 2018
spool is cardboard and mine came apart causing the PLA to fall off.
21 September 2018
This filament has just arrived and I am really disappointed.
Despite asking if this comes on a plastic or cardboard spool yesterday and 3 people saying that it comes on a plastic spool it has arrived on a cardboard spool.
If this is being sent out on a cardboard spool, why does the image of the product show a plastic spool?

The colour looks good and I have yet to use it but buyers should be aware that it is on a 100% CARDBOARD SPOOL.
If it prints well then I will update the review but at the moment I am not amused.

Done quite a few prints with this now and the filament itself is really good. The colour is strong and under UV light changes to orange.
I've been printing at 195C nozzle and 50C bed temperature and getting good clean results.
The cardboard spool isn't very strong as you would expect , I have some dents in the outer edge which makes it bump on the filament roller I use.

So if you can live with the cardboard spool then it's recommended. Originally I gave it 2 stars for arriving on cardboard but upped the stars for the filament. Just a shame about the spool.

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