Ridgeyard Solar Thermal Swimming Pool Heating Mat Panel Hot Water Free Energy Saving Sun Warm Heater Kit Ridgeyard Co .ltd

  • Dimensions : 617 * 75cm/242.9 "* 29.5" This solar pool heating kit is an environmentally friendly product using free heat from the sun and keep your pool warm
  • The solar rubber hose is made of NBR and PVC,which is effective against UV and ozone, protects pool chemicals and bad weather
  • The solar pool heating system allows you have double time to enjoy the swimming pool comfortably and add attractive to your pool and home
  • It can be also installed in many other places such as roof, garage, corridor, roof, rattan frame or directly on the lawn etc
  • Quick connect design for easy assembly. Comes with neccessary installation part.Some tools and adpater parts need to be prepared by customer

Using guide:
. Location and time
It is recommended that the minimum coverage of the swimming pool be 75%.
Relatively large systems can compensate for deficiencies in non-ideal equipment.
The collector must be exposed to the sun for at least six hours a day to be effective.
The collector should be placed in the sunny area face to sun as much as possible in order to achieve optimum efficiency. The ideal orientation is beyond the horizontal plane 0 °,south or east.
2.Required tools and accessories (Not included)
Tools: Drilling machine / extruder (sticky tube) / mini wallpaper roller / screwdriver / steel saw blade.
Applicable accessories: Booster pump / solar controller / check valve and so on.
Dimensions : 7 * 75cm/22.9 "* 29.5"
package inclus:
x panneau solaire and some spare part as photo show

Note: nous ne pouvons pas expédier à Scotland Highlands, îles, Irlande du Nord, Jersey, île de Man et Îles de Scilly et Iles anglo-normandes.


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