rigid.ink – The Most Reliable Black ABS Filament 1.75mm for 3D Printing and Pens *0.03mm+/- Tolerance* 3D Printer Filament 1KG Spool


:1.75mm - 10m

Colour Name:Black

  • WHILE OTHER ABS FILAMENT 1.75mm is too unreliable, has poor finish quality, produces weak prints or results in washed-out colours, rigid.ink 3D Filament ABS uses our special pure blend 1.75mm ABS and exact tolerances (just +/-0.03mm) to give enhanced finish quality, unmatched layer adhesion and better 3D printing reliability than any other filament. This means better looking prints, with truer colours without WASTING your filament, time or money.
  • STOP 'TINKERING' FOR HOURS & save yourself the uncertainty of that 15 hour print, failing 30 minutes before it finishes. It costs you money, but worse; it lets your customer down. We've been there, we know your frustration.
  • WE UNDERSTAND the hassles with 3D printing already. Using high quality 1.75mm filament turns an average 3D Printer into a good one, and a good printer into a brilliant one. Extruder jams, failures and poor details CAN be a thing of the past. What's more; our colours are true, looking for a strong Black ABS 1.75 1KG? You've found it.
  • It's not just your rigid.ink 3D printer filament that will give you complete piece of mind, our CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SECOND TO NON. Any problem, at all? Get in touch, our knowledgeable, friendly support ninjas are here to help you.
  • Join us on our mission to make 3D printing a more seamless technology to adopt. We believe that by improving reliability of these inspiring machines, we can help end the sleepless nights, head scratching and time wasted by both those new to the industry and experienced printers alike.

Our black ABS filament 1.75mm is some of the most popular D printer filament available. This is due to its strength and significant ability to bend before breaking. ABS has a high tensile strength (44MPa) meaning it is excellent for prototyping as well as end use applications. You'll also find ABS D filament has very low shrinkage due to its purity, allowing for even cooling and excellent layer-to-layer bonding. Your black ABS will print 100% reliably, every time. We guarantee it.

Why use ABS 1.75mm 1KG filament?

Strong & durable
Can be easily sanded, cut and painted after printing
More heat resistant than PLA
Smooth with acetone
Comes in a wide range of colours

How to use?

Printing temperature around 20-250°C (start at lowest temp)
Heated bed temperature around 90°C
Ensure good ventilation at all times when printing
Use DLac, magigoo, PVA glue stick or ABS slurry on the bed for adhesion (if not using PEI)

What's included?

ABS 1.75mm 1KG filament, spool measuring - 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.6cm dia spool hole, weight approx 250g. Total item weight approx 1.25KG.
Vacuum sealed in foil with desiccant (just in case)
Our specially designed box that converts into a
Unique resealable foil storage bag to keep filament fresh
Welcome card with how to find more info
An unmatched 60 day money back guarantee
We're not just interested in supplying outstanding quality, ultra reliable filament either; we're hot on customer service. That means fast delivery, hassle free returns and a personal service with a smile.

Any questions? Get in touch - our customer service ninjas are waiting to help!

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S. Gamble
29 November 2016
Well, my experience with this filament, and the company, seems to be the polar opposite of everyone else.
I'm not really that bothered about cost - for me it's about finish, strength and consistency. A ten hour print that falls apart just doesn't cut it.
I'm using a QIDI Tech I.
Admittedly, I'm fairly new to 3D printing (about 3 months) but I've done a lot of prints and the two 1Kg reels of filament supplied with the printer never gave me ANY problems. One reel was PLA, the other ABS. Great, accurate, strong prints time after time.
I wanted some black ABS; I ignored the cheaper stuff, read the reviews, and bought 1Kg of this Rigid Ink.
I started off with a small test block. Followed the extruder and bed temperatures recommended by Rigid Ink. Disaster - just removing the print from the bed it basically fell apart. The bottom solid layers completely split away from the rest of the print.
I've done a LOT of experimentation with bed and extruder temperatures but I just can't get a reliable print from this stuff.
I received a 'Did everything go OK' e-mail from Rigid Ink and replied, describing my problems and including photographs. I've never received a reply.
They claim it adheres very well to the bed - absolutely true. I've not had to use glue stick or anything else. If anything, getting a print off the bed is a problem. Unfortunately, it sticks to the bed beautifully but doesn't seem to be able to stick to itself.
They claim filament tolerance of +/- 0.03mm. Well my reel isn't. I've just checked several points over a length of about a metre. Diameter varies between 1.68 and 1.71mm. That doesn't bother me to be honest - I've had no feed problems.
My only problem is trying to find non-critical things to use this stuff up on.


I received a response from Rigid Ink. Apparently they never received my e-mails - and they say a response they made to my review was deleted by Amazon.
Anyhow, They've been extremely helpful since we finally made contact. I've amended my 'star' rating to 4. I can't honestly say the filament is any better or worse than cheaper filaments so feel a '3' is fair as far as the filament's concerned. It now gets another star for customer service (now contact has been made).
Andrew S.
3 December 2017
Bought two of these filaments, one black and one orange.

I'll keep this short to briefly state the pro's / cons

Orange ABS = Great colour, very little warping, great layer adhesion, great bed adhesion, doesn't like too much temperature variance (e.g altering temperature layers on the fly). Definitely recommend this one and is worth the extra you pay for it.

Black ABS = Don't buy, very different to orange, terrible bed adhesion, warps in the excess, tendency to break in the extruder bracket, requires +20-30 degrees more temperature to achieve anything really. Poor quality control?

To use the Black ABS, you'll have to modify a variety of profile and mechanical settings, which i personally don't enjoy doing every time i change my filament. I can expect the slight adjustment here and there, but almost all settings are being altered. I tend buy my filament from the same company which helps ensure this does not happen, very disappointed.

Oh, and don't count on the customer service from Rigid. I placed a ticket regarding my filament under their 60 day money back guarantee, i'm still waiting for a reply, but the waiting has taken me past my normal amazon return period. My advice is to return under amazon quickly if you're unhappy with the quality as advertised.

Summary - I recommend the orange, but don't assume they are all the same.
Alexander Thomas
25 August 2016
Good quality and a consistent diameter as promised, and produces very strong parts when printed with the recommended temperatures. Slightly underwhelmed with the silver ABS though, it doesn't have the amount of gloss that could be expected from the photo. An acetone vapour treatment is pretty much mandatory to get a true silver look.

After printing more parts with this filament, I must say I like it a lot more than initially. When printing at a high temperature with 0.1 mm layers, the parts are incredibly strong. I have printed an adapter for driving a hand-cranked coffee mill with an electric screwdriver, and despite the huge torque the hex shaft of this part has to endure, it holds.
The filament does seem to be slower to adapt to pressure changes during printing, so if a perfect surface finish is needed with no blobbing at the seams, it is important to print at least two perimeters with nearly the same width and speed.
4 April 2015
Beginners tip - if you have problems, chuck the cheap filament that came with your printer and use this stuff. The best tip ever with 3D printing is use quality filament, especially in the darker colours - this stuff is first class, my printer is actually reliable now. My printer is a Flashforge Creator - an early Makerbot clone. Back again! Now with a Flashforge Dreamer - using this stuff to print parts to support high voltage components in a research lab - first class.
S. A. Riley
1 February 2017
Still the best quality ABS 1.75mm filament. Now got the white to go with the rest. If there's one thing you can be sure off it's that every reel is going to be as god as the last, no matter the colour! Just waiting to print the red at weekend, it's just arrived today. The tolerance on the diameter makes a big difference, you don't get gaps and blobs and stoppages. You really do get what you pay for, but it's more cost effective in the long run. Using it on my Mendel/RepRap/Hybrid Mk8 extruder 0.4 242 C Head and 107 C Bed, lovely every time. Find the right temps and stick to them.
M. A. Davis
11 November 2016
The packaging of this product was excellent-no problems there.
I have a FlashFord 3D printer on which I have been using filament from Sainsmart without any problems whatsover,however, I thought I would give Rigid Ink filament a try and again I obtained prints no better or worse than the filament costing arround half that of Rigid Inks offering.
So will I buy this product again - maybe at least it appears to be a British product.

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