rigid.ink – The Most Reliable, Black PLA PLUS Filament 1.75mm for 3D Printing and Pens *0.03mm+/- Tolerance* 3D Printer Filament 1KG


Colour Name:Black

:1.75mm - 10m

  • WHILE OTHER PLA PLUS FILAMENT 1.75mm is too unreliable, has poor finish quality, produces weak prints or results in washed-out colours, rigid.ink 3D Filament PLA PLUS uses our special pure blend 1.75mm PLA PLUS and exact tolerances (just +/-0.03mm) to give enhanced finish quality, unmatched layer adhesion and better 3D printing reliability than any other filament on the market. This means better looking prints, with truer colours without WASTING your filament, time or money.
  • STOP 'TINKERING' FOR HOURS & save yourself the uncertainty of that 15 hour print, failing 30 minutes before it finishes. It costs you money, but worse; it lets your customer down. We've been there, we know your frustration.
  • WE UNDERSTAND the hassles with 3D printing already. Using high quality 1.75mm filament turns an average 3D Printer into a good one, and a good printer into a brilliant one. Extruder jams, failures and poor details CAN be a thing of the past. What's more; our colours are true, looking for a strong Black PLA PLUS 1.75 1KG? You've found it.
  • It's not just your rigid.ink 3D printer filament that will give you complete piece of mind, our CUSTOMER SERVICE IS SECOND TO NON. Any problem, at all? Get in touch, our knowledgeable, friendly support ninjas are here to help you.
  • Join us on our mission to make 3D printing a more seamless technology to adopt. We believe that by improving reliability of these inspiring machines, we can help end the sleepless nights, head scratching and time wasted by both those new to the industry and experienced printers alike.

Our Black PLA PLUS filament 1.75mm is for applications where you need a more durable version of PLA filament. This is due to its strength and significant ability to bend before breaking. PLA PLUS although not stronger than our industry leading standard PLA, is more flexible and durable. This is why you'll find PLA PLUS 3D filament to perform well in high vibration or shock applications. Your Black PLA PLUS 1.75mm filament will print 100% reliably, every time. We guarantee it.

Why use PLA PLUS 1.75mm filament?

• Just as strong as our renowned 'regular' PLA, with increased durability
• Can be easily sanded, cut and painted after printing
• More heat resistant than standard PLA
• Comes in a wide range of colours

How to use?

• Printing temperature around 220°C
• Heated bed temperature around 50°C
• Use blue painters tape or glue stick on the bed for adhesion

NOTE: Some printers do prefer lower temperatures for PLA Plus+ 200-210°C, bed temp 40°C.
If test print is looking runny and layers aren't cooling enough lower your temperatures.

What's included?

• PLA PLUS 1.75mm 1KG filament, spool measuring - 20cm dia, 7cm width, 5.cm dia spool hole
• Vacuum sealed in foil with desiccant (just in case)
• Our specially designed box that converts into a spool holder
• Unique resealable foil storage bag to keep filament fresh
• Instructions and tips card
• An unmatched 0 day money back guarantee

We're not just interested in supplying outstanding quality, ultra-reliable filament either; we're hot on customer service. That means fast delivery, hassle free returns and a personal service with a smile.

Any questions? Get in touch - our customer service ninjas are waiting to help!

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12 January 2018

SInce posting the below review, Rigid.ink has reached out to me to try to assist in the problems I have had with this filament. I have to say that I am very impressed with the way the company has reacted. Despite receiving no response from filling in a support request direct on their website, I have since had a number of extremely detailed and helpful emails from their tech support department. Not many companies will do test prints to get the best settings for an individual customer! For that reason alone, I have added two stars to my review and have now bought a further two spools from them on Amazon (PETG and PLA). I am still divided as to whether it is worth the extra money it costs to buy from Rigid.ink compared to other manufacturers such as Real filaments and Prima Value. Hopefully, these next two spools will help me put that doubt to rest either way.

If you found this review helpful, can you please help me by clicking on the helpful button. Thanks.
After many months of considering whether to pay a lot more than I usually pay for filament, I had an Amazon voucher for Christmas, so decided to use it on this filament to see if the extra price provided any better results.

The filament comes in a nicely presented cardboard box and is vacuum packed. It also comes with a ziplock bag to keep the spool covered once opened. There is also supposed to be an information and tips card, but this was missing from the box I received. The colour of the filament looks really good and rich.

My two star rating unfortunately comes after many days of trying to get a good print out of it on my Prusa i3 MK2s, I have finally given up as I just can't get good results out of it, compared with other filaments I use. I've tried many different settings and different prints, but still getting substandard results. So for me, the extra cost of this filament just isn't worth it considering that you have to waste so much of the filament trying to dial it in. I've paid a lot less for filament i.e. Prima Value, Real filaments and Sunlu) and had pretty much instant good prints.

Am I glad I've tried rigid.ink? Yes and no. It's answered my doubts on whether more expensive filaments are worth buying over the less expensive.... they're not. I've sent a message via the rigid.ink website for help, but have yet to receive a reply from them. If I get a reply and then start getting results, I'll return to this review and update, but at the moment, the filament is stored and not likely to be used again.
19 May 2017
As far as filament goes, I wasn't sure what was good and what wasn't. I only ordered Rigid Ink PLA because I read up from there web site, and I liked the way they sold their product. I liked the way they said it was better, and they did this by listing the differences that you need to look out for, and how to get the best results. When the spool of PLA arrived, you could tell there were some differences. First, was the way they packaged their stuff. It came in a nice box and inside was a card telling you some tips on using it, the filament itself was shrink wrapped and when I looked at it it was vastly different than the filament I received from the printer manufacturer I had brought at the time. Little things like the way the filament rolled off the spool, no hang ups, and never snagged once during a 29-minute print.

As far as the finished print was concerned, it did look better, the layers looked tidy, the walls of the print looked "tight" and "uniform" I have since used their filament with other printouts, but now tend to keep their filament for prints that I need to look good when finished.
Why is good filament important? Well with 3D printing even a small print can take an hour or two. Lager prints can take eight to ten hours. The most important thing that you soon realise, is that you don't want to get two thirds of the way through a big print and it fails. That's just a massive waste of time and plastic, so anything you can do to help you get to the finished print, without failing is a good thing to have.

I plan on selling 3D printers, and making a range of 3D printers and parts, I will be telling buyers, that should they really want to make their 3D prints look the best, one of the best investments they can make is to try Rigid Ink filament. While it is a little more expensive, it is worth the little extra cost.

One more thing, with most 3D printing, there is the job of making the printed part look a little more pleasing to the eye, this entails that you do some finishing work to the parts that you print. I have found that this filament is good for filing and sanding, and takes very little time to bring a print up to better than average standard. I have found with the cheaper filament, it tends to leave scratch marks. These can be difficult to get rid of, Rigid Ink filament doesn't tend to mark as much. Drilling too, seems solid. Even when you drill the finished part it tends to keep its shape without splitting, as some cheaper filaments can sometimes.

I tend to use this at about 195 and the bed at 55, the print is laid on masking tape with some Pritt glue for extra adhesion.
All in all, it's a really good filament to have, and would recommend you at least try it.
P. Jardine
17 July 2017
This filament is more of a matt black than a shiny black. Its less brittle than the standard PLA and I've found that it machines easier when I have to adjust prints with files etc. After tis I accidentally bought rigid-inks standard black PLA and think I prefer this PLA Plus.
11 December 2016
Very happy with the results that i had from this, very strong PLA and come out brillienty every time.
Mr. S. Waudby
31 October 2017
Prints easily. Result is much more flexible than standard PLA. The natural colour is quite opaque resulting in a pearly appearance.
3 January 2017
Very good prints well
10 November 2018
I've been using Rigid Ink PLA for a while now. It's my go-to PLA. It prints fabulously with excellent results almost every time. I needed something a little more resistant to flexing and heat, so thought I'd given their PLA Plus a go. Unfortunately, I'm not a fan. It doesn't print nearly as easily or well as their normal PLA and after hours of tweaking and tests, I'm ready to give up. It's a real shame as I had high hopes, but on this occasion, it's not the filament for me. It also has the really odd characteristic, whereby the plastic expands back to almost 1.75mm about 1mm after coming out of the nozzle, which is odd and can be problematic. There's a guy talking about this in a youtube video as well, which I unfortunately didn't see until after I'd bought this 1.5kg spool! I still love Rigid Ink PLA and PETG, but I'm afraid this one is a big disappointment and not for me.
16 November 2016
Excellent quality and consistency. Fast delivery and great customer service. This has become my go-to filament.

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