Schneider Electric abl1rem12050  Single-Phase Regulated Power Supply Switch Mode, 100  –   240  V, 12  V, 60  W 100 - 240 V 12 V 60 W

  • Regulated power supply type: Auto Sleep/Wake
  • Output Voltage: DC 12 V
  • Output Current: 5 A

Voltage Type the supply voltage is AC. 1. output voltage is 12.. 12 V. Max. Output Power 1 is  A. Output Voltage Setting is Yes. Short circuit protected is Yes. Rated supply voltage at AC 0Hz is 100 - 240 V. Rated Supply Voltage at AC 60Hz is 100 - 240 V Output voltage is 'yes' arranged for you. Power consumption is 60 VA. Stabilises is Yes. Construction of the electrical connection is screw connection. Maximum weight supported: Slide Mounting is possible no. Can be mounted to a wall is Yes. Suitable for Series Installation is no. Direct mounting is possible Yes. Width of 10 mm height is  mm Depth is  mm Suitable for security features is no. Type of protection (IP) is IP20  A 12VDC 100 - 240Vac Power Supply  A 12VDC 100 - 240Vac ABL1REM1200110671


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