Seaclean2 Ultrasonic cleaning fluid, 500ml Laser 6289

  • Powerful ultrasonic cleaning solution that aids the removal of rust, carbon deposit, grease, grime and dirt
  • Applications include all suitably sized engine parts and components, tools, jewellery, solid metal parts
  • Natural ingredients for safe disposal after use
  • 500ml bottle with push and twist cap
  • Made in the UK

Product Description

Ultrasonic cleaning fluid will aid the removal of stubborn dirt or soiling and even tarnish, rust and carbon from most metals.
A British tool company based in Warwickshire, United Kingdom. Laser Tools draws on years of experience to introduce quality products which offer real value for money.
All our products are responsibly sourced both from trusted ethical partners across the world PLUS (uniquely as an automotive tool brand) our own manufacturing base in the UK.
Combining our British manufacturing, our years of experience and vast expertise in the automotive sector helps us achieve our aim of bringing high quality tool solutions first to market and being No.1 choice for many professional mechanics.

Box Contains

500ml bottle of JPL Sea Clean 2


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1 November 2014
I had been using a few drops of washing up liquid with my ultrasonic cleaner, which worked well enough. However it did not clean my silver chains very well so I purchased a bottle of this cleaner and my chains are now bright and sparkling. Probably the only downside to this product is that it has a shelf life of only 12 months once opened. I can't see me using the whole bottle in 12 months.
5 March 2017
Bought to clean ecig atomisers and copper/brass mech mods, it got the threads of my mechs absolutely spotless in 6 minutes. Was scepticle when i bought it and didnt think it would work as well as it has. Reduced my mech polishing ritual from 25 mins to 6, cant get better than that. 2 capfuls in warm water.
23 August 2017
I clean my shaver head in an ultrasonic cleaner, usually I added a drop of washing up liquid and to be honest that worked OK, but I noticed that the shaving head was not as clean as it could be, a cap full of this stuff works well cuts down the cleaning time and it really shifts the grease. Not cheap though.
3 June 2017
usage: cleaning of all vape peripherals. tanks. rda's, rdta's, coils , glass tubes.and jewellery. Be cautious when cleaning coloured attys, this product can strip the paint straight off, and transforms into a normal but very shiny chrome colour.
Lynette Campbell
30 August 2017
Certainly improved on the cleaning power of the machine
18 May 2017
Have used this stuff on my small collection of jewellery for ages. I urge people to clean their jewellery because you don't realise how dirty things get, you will be amazed!
29 January 2018
This stuff works quite well in the sonic cleaner. I find a bit of soda works with really stubborn stains.
mrs brenda eves
29 October 2017
excellent product

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