Sellmer 3-D Nativity Scene Advent Calendar Richard Sellmer Verlag 557

  • Paper Advent Calendar;Traditional style;Translucent windows
  • Die-Cutted;Back pictures fits to the cover design;glitter
  • freestanding;attractive back pictures;100% Made in Germany

Product Description

Traditional Paper Advent Calendar with translucent windows. A charming Advent Calendar of childhood days. For those who love a nostalgic Advent season.This Calendar is not filled with Chocolate

Box Contains

Advent Calendar


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24 November 2014
All the scene is very attractive so it makes a nice, traditional advent calendar it is very cheaply made. The calendar is totally see through at the back so the children can see what each day's picture is going to be (my two prefer to guess). Quite flimsy and didn't come with an envelope so no good for posting to nieces/nephews - it's too big for a normal large letter envelope.
4 March 2016
This was a nice calendar, although as other people have said it is made of rather flimsy card. I backed mine with some much stiffer card which helped it to stand nicely and remain in good shape throughout advent.

The scene is nice and each door had a Bible verse inside which I was pleased about (there was one spelling error though).

In summary, nice but a bit expensive considering the quality.
Amazon Customer
26 January 2017
it was ok. Very flimsy and difficult to stay standing up especially when there is a draught like someone walking past. Wouldn't buy again.
Could stick it on a wall but you wouldn't get the same effect.
15 January 2018
The calendar itself was attractive but the pictures inside were very disappointing. Lots of very similar pictures of people singing/praying. And there were also phrases from the bible written on each door, a fact which was not made clear in the description.
Kerry Denton
28 November 2014
I know that this item is cheap, but it really is very tacky. There is a piece of paper attached to the back which shows all of the images that appear in the little doors, the paper flapped about so my daughter could easily see what was behind each one. Not impressed really was hoping for something a little more
4 January 2016
Lovely 3D calendar. Religious quotes behind the doors, as expected, but would have liked these to be colourful as well.
14 November 2016
Lovely Advent Calendar, makes your Christmas even more special.
Lynne Shipton
25 November 2017
Love it!

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