Small Parts 21302 Threaded Rod 1/4'-28 - 3', Plain All America Threaded Products

  • Made in usa
  • Common applications of threaded rod include hanging, mounting, bracing, supporting and fastening
  • Made with low carbon steel
Product description
Threaded rod (also referred to as a headless fastener) refers to a straight, relatively long metal rod used in a variety of applications and industries ranging from plumbing, electrical, automotive, heavy construction, HVAC, fire Sprinklers, telecom and food service. This is a fully threaded rod with the thread extending the complete Length of the rod. When selecting your threaded rod the first measurement listed is the diameter of the rod, the second measurement listed is the number of threads per inch and the third measurement listed is the Length of the rod. Threaded rod can be used with standard nuts and washers.


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