Solinba 500w Grid Tie Inverter Solar pure sine wave DC11v-28v to AC 220v UK 500W-GT-11-220-S-UK

  • Important note: on grid tie inverter, it can feed your home grid, but it can't power your device directly.
  • Multi-protection function: Over Current Protection/Over Temperature Protection/Reverse Polarity Protection/Island Protection
  • Features: Stackable/MPPT-Maximum Power Point Tracking/Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity and restart automatic every morning
  • Safety: DC and AC all have fuse to protect the people + power switch +we do the speical for the aluminum shell, it is insulation
  • Cooling method: fan-cooled+aluminum shell, more better cooling function, smart and light (1.8 kg), easy to carry and handle.

Wide DC voltage range: DCv-v
AC output voltage: AC0-60v
For v solar panel system
UK Plug
High frequency and high efficiency
Maximum Power Point Tracking
LED light show different working status
Output waveform: pure sine wave
Automatic Sensing Function Solar Luminosity and restart automatic every morning
Easy to install, DC connect your solar panel(red terminals connect "+", black terminals connect "-"), AC connect your home grid
Packing content:
PC Power inverter
PC Power cord
PC user manual
Note: this was designed for solar panel, if you want to work with wind generator, please confirm the DC input voltage is within our inverter's DC range


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