Strawberry Barrel - Barrel Only Apollo Gardening

  • Specifically for use on terraces, decking and balconies, or even in small gardens
  • Multiple planting pockets
  • Net to keep your harvest safe from garden critters
  • Unit folds up neatly so can easily be stored when not in use
  • Grow strawberries from your own garden or patio

Strawberry planter

Grow strawberries from your own garden or patio, no matter how small it is. Simple to maintain so you can have fresh strawberries throughout the summer.

Our Strawberry Patio Planter is designed specifically for use on terraces, decking and balconies, or even in small gardens. Made from moulded plastic with polycarbonate walls the planter has multiple planting pockets and a net to keep your harvest safe from garden critters. The unit folds up neatly so is can easily be stored when not in use.


Height: 60cm (23 inches)
Width: 43cm (17 inches)

You can plant up your tub at any time of year, however the recommendations tend to agree on early spring or autumn. Generally speaking, although you will get a reasonable crop the first year, the second and third years will be the most prolific.

This planter has the added advantage that when not in use, it packs down very small for easy storage and cleaning.


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2 July 2011
I very nearly didn't buy this item having read previous poor reviews, but I was using a present gift voucher, so I thought what the heck, I've nothing to lose. I'm really glad I did. It is a great item. It arrived in 2 days in a large box and well packed. I put it together myself, the instructions are clear but read them through fully before you start. I followed the instructions for planting carefully. There are some helpful hints on the box too. In view of the previous reviews, I can only think the manufacturer or supplier has taken notice of the comments in the reviews.
scattie nellie
23 May 2017
I am a little disappointed with it. Several of the cups do not fit the cut out holes. It is suggested that if you wish to move the barrel once filled to make sure that the barrel is put on wheels first. This makes sense but it is impossible to find a pot mover that fits underneath.
26 September 2012
Well; I like many others was a bit wary of buying this product after reading the reviews, but being experienced at putting together complicated things I took the plunge. However, I think that if there was a better alternative on the market then that would take the sales. It took around an hour which surprised me, as I thought it would be quicker to assemble having so few parts. Eventually got it together but the top to bottom were not holding together tight enough. Tip: get a large pair of pliers on the rods and twist, making a kink in them, until it tensions correctly. The cups need stretching, as has been mentioned before, or they fall out. You certainly need a base on castors so that you can rotate it towards the sun. Trying to manually shift it around would be impossible once it's full of compost. Once it's planted up it does appear to be a lot more ridged and should do the job nicely. Construction was not aided by the complete lack of illustrations on the assembly sheet (just how long would it have taken the manufacturers to do this?) and the best guide is to look at the picture on the box. The instruction 'make sure you have the centre section up the right way' was not that helpful as it didn't actually tell you what way up was correct (look at the box again) and may have confused some people. To sum up I suppose it was priced about right but could have been improved by a decent instruction leaflet with illustrations. If you have trouble putting a flat pack bedroom cabinet together I'd say avoid this product!
10 June 2016
This is a nightmare to assemble, once I had eventually fixed the frame to the base, I then struggled to fit the top part. It states that it folds for easy storage, that may be the case, but I for one will not be taking this apart EVER! It does not help that there is no illustrations and the instructions are not really very clear. Now that it is assembled it looks great and the watering system is a good idea. If you have plenty of time and patience then this is probably the item for you.
31 July 2018
It is complete and utter cheap trash. In wasnu2019t expecting a terracotta masterpiece but this looks like a DIY job made on Blue Peter.

the Photo is not a good indication of what it actually is, I was expecting plastic side panels which clip together but it is cheap corrigated bendy stuff which is flimsy to say the least.

Bear in mind that once full of soil you wonu2019t be able to move it without it falling apart.
24 April 2012
I was a little concerned about the Strawberry Barrel Planter being stable enough. The cups where the plants sit are a little flimsy because of bad moulding, they are slightly thinner on one side to the other but I forced them open slightly to make sure they clipped into the hole provided. Make sure you leave it where you fill it though, the rim will crack very easly. I suggest you buy seedlings because they fit nicely into the cups and grow very quickly. The container is also attractive in our small fully paved garden among a few flower pots and two tomato plants. I put a picture of it with my granddaughter next to it on Facebook. I was looking for a sauser (drip tray) to go under it but they cost a small fortune and see now it isn't needed. Now I'm looking forward to the fruits of my labour. Its well worth buying and not complicated to assemble.
Mike Chapman
22 July 2015
Flimsy corrugated plastic, certainly not worth the pre-offer cost. Perhaps suitable for a small suburban plot but the fact remains that this barrel will not have a long life.
Mr. J. E. Taylor
5 July 2015
Turned up on time, does the job but the sides are week so make sure you have it in place before filling with earth or compost as the weight can make the sides buckle is you try to move it if full.

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