Colour Name:Blue

  • Material - Flexible filament
  • Diameter - 1.75mm
  • Filament weight - 1KG
  • Print Temperature 190 - 240°C
  • Bed temperature 40-50°C or make the heated bed off

Flexible filament is a special thermopolymer which allows the user to obtain materials similar to rubber. With this material, you can create objects that will appear rubberlike, and according to the type of rubber, the user can obtain different levels of softness and elongation. The tear resistance characteristics of the material are excellent and resistance to tearing is high.


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Mr. J. P. Waite
20 October 2017
Very happy with this flexible filament. The filament has some stretch to it but only very thin prints will be elastic. Perfect for rubbery parts, such as the plug covers and GoPro holders I'm printing. I had some problems with prints peeling up initially (glass bed with 3DLac/hairspray) so had to increase the bed temperature to 80C and add a 3mm brim, now prints quite nicely and the brim peels off easily. I'm using a DIY direct drive extruder with good support for the filament and can get good results at 0.3mm layers at 40mm/s
29 April 2018
Superb flexible for the money. Prints well at around 220c with a very smooth finish. Rigid enough to work in a mk7/8 extruder with a hobbed gear unmodified (slow speeds). Likes to curl off the bed, good adhesion is the trickiest part otherwise it's as easy to use as PLA. So impressed I have some roles of other colours on order and I'm looking forward to trying some of the other very competitively priced Technology Outlet filaments.
Marcello Guttuso
16 November 2017
My first experience with flexible filament. I had to modify my extruder to stop it from jamming but that's how every flexible filament behaves. Happy with the quality of the product and its careful packaging.
5 August 2017
Very good for the price of the product, its a little stiffer than other flexible filaments i've used but still a very good filament.
11 November 2017
Very good

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