Colour Name:Black

  • Material Nylon filament
  • Diameter 1.75mm
  • Filament weight 1KG
  • Print Temperature 220 - 260°C
  • Bed temperature 85°C


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9 July 2017
Cheap for Nylon, a couple of problems though. It arrived sealed airtight with Silica inside, but nylon likes to absorbed moisture and when I tried printing I found that it had already absorbed a lot. Meaning it had been sitting for multiple hours in the factory before packaging, since the packaging was in great condition. Not only that, the spool is asymmetrical meaning that it didn't sit properly on my spool holder, although that's easily fixed. Decent for the price, but remember to dry it in an airtight dry box for a few days before you attempt to print with this, don't print straight out of the box.
Alex Short
14 February 2018
Came shrinkwrapped with dessicant, but it only took me five minutes to start printing and it was popping and clicking straight away, so this stuff clearly comes already wet. What's the point? You get what you pay for; get the Taulman filament.
23 August 2018
No matter what I do, the filament comes out very irregularly and leaves a very rough textured surface. I suspect this is just a bad roll but don't know how to get advice from seller
Stephen P.
24 May 2017
Good product, works very well
23 March 2018
Arrived in a sealed plastic bag with desiccant, but it wasn’t vacuum packed, and the plastic was so wet it bubbled and steamed coming out the extruder. Layer adhesion issues seem to be impossible to resolve, even at 260C extruder/120C bed. Significant warping over a range of print speeds and in spite of heated bed, which frequently leads to layer splits.

I struggled with this filament for near enough half the roll before I gave up and loaded some PLA for another job, and I’d forgotten how easy printing with anything else is.

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