Teren-DT-2350P Digital Stroboscope Strobe Flash Meter Analyzer (PA: 50 ~ 12, 000 FPM) Tereninstruments


Style Name:PA: 50 ~ 12000 FPM

  • When you place order, please leave us a message and tell us you want AC 220V power supply or AC 110V power supply.
  • Internal / external triggering fast conversion; x2 and ÷2 button for fast adjustment.
  • Use photoelectric signal while external triggering, achieve automatic tracking function of the pattern.
  • Automatic stop flashing to save electricity and improve flash tube lifetime.
  • Digital display gives exact reading with no guessing or errors; Wide measuring range and high resolution.

"Applications: The Stroboscope is capable to provide image of single, two or multiple stillness for the vibration object, rapidly rolling object or a periodic motion object,and can also use to observe the movement tracks.

Use microcomputer technology, emerging technologies, anti-jamming technique and other advanced technology, it can measure the rotative velocity without contacting the object.

Display: 5 Digits 10 mm LCD
Measurement Range:
PA:50 ~ 1,000 FPM
PB:50 ~ 40,000 FPM
PC:50 ~ 0,000 FPM
PD:50 ~ 0,000 FPM
PE:50 ~ ,000 FPM (Fit for Print and Textile࿰
Accuracy: +-( 0.05% n + 1 d ࿰
Resolution: 0.1 FPM(50 ~ . FPM࿰; 1 FPM(Over 1000 FPM ࿰
Sampling Time: 0. Seconds
External Trigger Level: ~ 4 V
H / L Range: Flashing Light is much Brighter at Low Range than at High Range
Flash Tube Life:100 Million Times
Regular Operating Conditions: No Corrosive Gas and Electromagnetic Fields
Operating Conditions: Temperature: 0 ~ 40 Degree; Humidity: less than 85%RH
Power Supply: AC 0 V (Optional AC 110 V)
Power Consumption: About 50 W
Dimensions: 15 x 85 x 180 mm
Weight: About 1000 g
Package includes:
1* Main Unit
1* Carrying Case (B08)
1* Operation Manual


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29 January 2017
Happy with it, using to display the wagon wheel effect with a fan, not measuring speed of spin.

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