Tesa 4651  Premium Fabric Tape/Various Widths and Colours Available, red Klebeshop24


Colour Name:Black

:12 mm x 50 m

  • Tesa Premium Fabric Tape 4651 fabric tape shield tape
  • Powerful Premium Fabric Tape with plastic coating, also called duct tape, consisting of a very high-quality 148 mesh fabric – straps and a natural rubber adhesive
  • Highly adhesive, flexible, even on rough surfaces, this is an excellent tensile strength and abrasion – Weatherproof and Waterproof and resistant to ageing,
  • Uses: Colour marking, detail, for bundling, attaching, of taping, C-A-T tourniquet and lock feature, sealing from e.g. packaging, cans, sleeves, suitable for sealing drilled holes, slots, vents, ventilation channels: Quiet and abrasion protection
  • Substrate: Acrylatbeschichtetes fabric – Adhesive: Natural rubber, Thickness: 310 µm, adhesion on a fabric ribbon 2 13% – tensile strength steel: 3.3 N/cm; Elongation at break: 100 N/cm – Temperature Resistance of the fabric tape measure: 130°C/30 minutes

Premium Fabric 4651 fabric tape Duct

Tesa fabric strap features:

Tesa Duct tape 4651 is a high performance premium fabric tape with plastic coating, also known as gaffer tape, consisting of a particularly high-quality 148 mesh viscose fabric straps and a natural rubber adhesive.

Available in various colours and sizes.


Tesa Features:

- Strong adhesion, even on rough surfaces

- Extremely tensile forces

- Flexible and resistant to abrasion

- Weatherproof and Waterproof and resistant to ageing

- Easy to write on and easy


Primary Use:

Colour marking / coding, markings.

- Adhesive tape for bundling, sealing, securing, of taping and reinforcing, sealing, washing and fit

Noise and abrasion protection, base tape for refrigerators and kitchen cupboards.

Technical Parameters of the Tesa 4651:

Strap Material: fabric

- Adhesive: natural rubber

- Thickness: 310µm

- Adhesive strength on steel: 3.3N/cm

- Elongation at break: Band On The Fabric: 13%

- Tensile strength: 100N/cm

Mesh: 148 Mesh.

- Temperature resistance of the fabric tape measure: 130°C (30 minutes)



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