Tesa 55731-11 Flooring Tape With Residue-Free Removal, White, 10 m x 50 mm


Size Name:10 m x 50 mm

  • For fixation of all carpet and PVC flooring materials
  • Sticks to many types of floor and is removable without leaving residue
  • Double-sided adhesive

Product Description

Don't worry about ruining the floor if you want to cover it with a carpet or a PVC flooring of your choice. tesa Flooring Residue-free Removal is not only a double-sided self-adhesive carpet tape that combines strong adhesion with easy removal. It is also the preferred fixation tape for sensitive floor surfaces, since it can be pulled off the floor without leaving any visible traces of bonding agent. The tape is textile reinforced to offer extra strong fixation of any carpet or PVC flooring. Yet it can simply be torn by hand for easy application without the need of tools.


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Katalin Popovicsne Kler
12 October 2015

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