The Olivia Collection TOC Lint Free Cleaning & Polishing Cloths - Pack of 3, 505mm x 340mm Direct Diamond Centre SC226


These fantastic cleaning cloths are perfect for polishing. They can be used on all surfaces as they are scratch free. Absorbent, long-lasting, and ideal for applying polishes and waxes, these 100% cotton cloths are a vital component of your cleaning cupboard! Each pack contains 3 cloths. Machine washable at 60 degrees. If used to apply waxes, oils or stains, wash separately.


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27 April 2016
I had a 9yr old Pandora bracelet & charms that were very tarnished. I read online that a silver polishing cloth would do the trick in restoring it. Needless to say I was very sceptic after buying (from elsewhere) a cloth that didn't work.
I am amazed at the difference this cloth has made to my jewellery! I am absolutely delighted and recommended it to anyone needing to restore some life into some silver.
Mr. A. J. Starr
1 May 2016
I purchased this for my wife so that she could clean some of her jewellery. I have to say that she was little sceptical at first and did not think that the cloth would clean her silver chains etc, but after trying to clean one she soon changed her mind as the chain came up like new, well worth the money.
Eclectic Shopper
5 June 2017
In conjunction with silver dip, the cloths work to restore brilliance to silver Jewellery. After a bath in silver dip to remove tarnish, these cloths restore the shine of silver jewelry and make it radiant again.

Once it's bright again, I store my silver in airtight bags with anti tarnish paper.
30 September 2015
for such an inexpensive product, this is a very effective way to clean silver jewellery - used it within an hour of arrival on some very old silver rings and earrings which had mouldered in the drawer for years. within a few minutes they achieved the 'as new' lustre - quite amazing.
billy jones
12 October 2016
i was told by a friend about this product when i mentioned my dirty silver necklace. bought them on a whim to hope they'd work and to my delight they did, perfectly now my necklace is all sparkly and new!
paula green
22 September 2016
I have a silver pendant I've worn every day for the last four years and as you can imagine it was pretty tarnished. Nothing else I tried worked, so I got these cleaning cloths. Took a bit of elbow grease, but it's shinier than ever! Now I'm looking for other jewellery to clean!!
25 February 2018
My heart sank when I saw how tiny these are! Theyu2019re fine for a quick once over your silver jewellery or to quickly spruce up any silverware before guests arrive, but for a lasting shine theyu2019re a waste of money. In short they do what it says on the packet - just. I wouldnu2019t buy them again. Two stars because they do work
31 January 2013
The cloth is clearly impregnated with some kind of chemical. With patient rubbing gold comes up really well and hairline scratches virtually disappear into the gloss. I was really pleased with the finish.

Kept in the pouch, the two cloths seem to retain the cleaning power.

I'd guess that I would get most of the effect of a much more expensive trip to the jeweller and polishing the gold is quite relaxing.

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