Town Talk Silver & Gold Jewellery Cleaner Bath Both 225ml


All You Need To Keep Your Silver & Gold Jewellery Looking Its Best


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Mrs M.
15 June 2018
glad this product is still available. easier than using the cloth. just dunk for two minutes and dry. only one pot has a brush which is a little disappointing, but a baby's toothbrush works just as well
C. A. J
4 December 2017
Just what I needed. Had a good clean up. I also bought a jewellery cloth to dry and polish the jewellery. It does come with one small cloth. Always check your item can be cleaned,opals and pearls can not for example.
Amazon Customer
1 August 2018
Gave the silver one to my daughter as she tends to wear more silver & white gold.when she cleaned her jewellery they came out better than expected,so she's very happy. I've not used the gold cleaner yet,but looking forward to using it now.
15 August 2018
Great product for cleaning your jewellery. Really noticed a difference after I cleaned mine and would really recommend. Only thing I would suggest is to get clothes part of the product instead of having to buy them separately as I only got 1 tiny cloth with the gold and none with the sliver.
24 January 2018
Worked brilliantly, brought a very tarnished silver charm bracelet up like new.
Amazon Customer
1 July 2018
Great product
8 February 2018
Good stuff - spilt a bit of the fluid opening the pots but shined up the gold and silver nicely.
26 July 2018
Good product and did what it says on the tin. Had to repeat for a couple of items though

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