Town Talk SilverSparkle 225 ml FK-2

  • Town Talk Silver Jewellery Sparkle Liquid Cleaner
  • Town Talk Exquisite Silver Cleaner
  • For the care and protection of your beautiful treasured possessions.
  • 225ml -7.5 fl. oz.
  • Made in UK

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A. J. Muirhead-starr
14 March 2017
This is great silver Jewellery cleaner and does the job every time, it is a shame people are giving negative feedback because of the ingredients and what they can potentially do, maybe they should have a look at other household cleaning products and check the same information out. Does what it is supposed to and want cause the listed problems unless you are careless with it.
Mrs. J. A. Baker
9 May 2012
Most of my jewellery is silver, and it had all got REALLY REALLY tarnished because I had hung the items on a jewellery stand instead of keeping it in my jewellery box (big mistake). I had tried the foil and soda bicarb remedy without success, so decided to try this. It was amazing, I couldn't believe my eyes: it's very quick and easy to use, brings silver up really bright and shiny- I'm very happy with this product and highly recommend it :)
15 November 2017
It really does make your jewelry sparkle however you need to be careful as I wouldn't use it without any gloves and it can leave some marks if you spill it so be careful. Other than that it is the best silver cleaner I have ever used. Make sure you have a polishing cloth as the one that comes with it is tiny.
T Ali
21 May 2018
This is brilliant. So easy to use and apart from getting in to it no stress at all! Simply place your jewellery in the integrated basket in the container. Leave for a couple of minutes and the silver comes out sparkling. Love this
24 November 2012
Worked a treat on my jewellery, but has ruined my stainless steel the warnings carefully...they are not on the same side of the packaging as the instructions!
Mrs. Julie A. Young
4 September 2018
wow what a pong but great results after I got bleach on my silver I was concerned that my jewellery would not recover but thankfully after using this it came up as good as new, thankful
25 July 2018
This is a great product I have used this in the past but this hot weather my silver tarnishes so quickly I do not wear my chain because I find it tarnishes to fast
12 February 2018
Does the job. Basket could do with being finer as I keep losing chains through it but my bling comes out very sparkly so no worries. Soft cloth & brush also provided. Happy with purchase.

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