Traditional Advent Calendar Around The World - Glitter Finish 24 Doors Tracks Publishing Ltd

  • 1 Traditional Advent Calendar - No Chocolates or Treats Filling
  • Size: 224mm x 306mm
  • 24 Doors
  • Features: Glitter Finish
  • Supplied with White Posting Envelope in Publisher's Cello Wrapper

A traditional Christmas Calendar with 24 Doors, open each one to find a different Christmas themed picture behind, finished with glitter for that extra touch of sparkle, supplied with white posting envelope making it a lovely alternative to sending a Christmas Card.- this is a traditional Advent Calendar no chocolate or treats included.


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23 November 2017
Two weeks ago my wife spent u00a335 on an advent calendar from a popular high street store. Yes, that's right... u00a335..... After regaining control of my speech some 2 hours later it got me thinking about proper advent calendars, the type we used to have as kids... not a chocolate in sight, just nice images of Christmas. I looked around but couldn't find any in the shops before I found this online. So truth be told I bought this calendar for two reasons. Firstly, because I wanted my kids to understand that Christmas isn't just about stuffing our faces with chocolates or the expectation of 'stuff' and secondly I knew it would drive my wife insane. The simple act of showing delight at the picture of a Christmas tree will drive her crazy throughout December and that, in turn will make me smile..
The calendar itself looks very nice, A4 in size, very glittery and Christmassy, it was delivered quickly and a reasonable price. What more can I say ! Haven't opened any of the doors yet but am hoping for a Christmas tree, three wise men pointing at a star and a small donkey.
Julie price
3 December 2017
Really wanted a Traditional Xmas Advent calendar which this was advertised as. The cover certainly looks traditional but 3 days in and the pictures in the windows are far from traditional. All are actual photos ... the first one a photo of a sheep in Xmas socks , the 2nd a photo of a plain Xmas bauble and today we had a photo of a polar bear ! Nothing traditional about the pictures so far. Very disappointed ....
Joanne Brenchley
18 November 2017
Excellent with a beautiful scene. Like the traditional advent calendar.
Alison Kelsey
7 December 2017
Like the traditional design but the pictures behind the doors aren't what I would expect in a traditional Advent Calendar
Amazon Customer
8 November 2017
Thank you , lovely tradtional calendar & not a chocolate in sight!!!!!
Much nicer for the grandchildren
K. H. J. Grindley
20 December 2017
Traditional is the best type and this is the best of them.
Linsey Tagg
2 April 2018
As specified
S Mac
5 December 2017
overpriced but the pictures behind the doors are unusual and we are enjoying this advent calendar. Would give 5 stars if a bit cheaper.

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